Last night Chris Bosh returned to the Air Canada Centre. A member of the Miami Heat now, leaving the Raptors last summer to pair up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in hopes of winning some championships. Along the way, he pissed off some Raptors fans, annoyed some of the people in the Raptors organization and moved from the hero list to the hostile list in the city.

His return was hyped up and expected to be brutal. We’ve all seen how this city treats the people who leave. Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady still get it, years later. This city will love you and help make you a star, but leave it and it doesn’t forget.

His return resulted in a 103-95 victory for the Miami Heat, but everything was much more subdued than expected. While there were plenty of loud boos, there were also some cheers. The boos for LeBron James almost matched the boos for Bosh, a reminder that the real hate was at the Heat for creating a superteam.

In the end, Bosh scored 25 points, got his victory and looked around the ACC crowd, blowing kisses into the stands. There were boos –loud ones– that became mixed with some cheers. There was some jeering, some taunting, but also some love. Prior to the game, Bosh said that regardless of what happened during the game, one night couldn’t take away seven years. Perhaps some fans agreed with him.

Regardless, there were plenty of signs, jerseys and chants to jack up the intensity of the game. Here are some snapshots taken from around the ACC to give you a glimpse into Bosh’s return.

* Before we go any further: I’d just like to say I’m over calling a professional athlete a woman to signify weakness. It’s kind of lame and disrespectful to the female gender. I know this all stems from the RuPaul joke Shaquille O’Neal made, but can we move along now? There’s always “overrated” and “third wheel” to use instead.

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This fan got some use out of his Bosh jersey, but had to make a few alterations to get ready for the big night.

“Fake tough guy”, “Big Overrated Sidekick Hoopster” and “Bosh is 4 Gotten”

Probably my least favorite photo from the night, but that’s because I’m a softy. Hey, it’s okay as long as I admit it, right?

He may be in Miami, but he’s still got that long neck. Here’s a fan telling him he looks like an ostrich.

“Two and a Half Men” was a popular theme of the night. You already know my thoughts on this.

The section of fans behind the basket beside the Heat bench.

Notice that there wasn’t any hate for Dwyane Wade?

I personally like this one for quoting The Basketball Jones alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Durant.

Some impressive signs with the same message.

Yes, that is a Delonte head. Yes, you know why.

I thought this was a pretty sign. If I were hating, this would be more my style.

The fans from earlier, holding their signs high in the ACC crowd.

I like the, “Hey Bosh, tweet this” sign the guy has to go with his friend’s sign. To think of how things might have been had Bosh never decided to tweet during his decision-making process last summer.