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I wrote a few words about the dunk contest last night and said that replays show how spectacular the dunks were while photos are spellbinding. Here’s the best of both worlds, courtesy of the NBA’s official  Youtube account.

DeMar DeRozan’s Show Stopper dunk in extreme slo-mo is even more impressive:

Imagine being able to pull of something like this. If only, right?

(h/t @nat77)

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  1. I know I’m posting this in the wrong place, but there may not be a right one, since the ‘Melo trade likely won’t get its own post…

    Has anyone else seen the reports about Denver flipping Danilo Gallinari to another team, and the Raptors are mentioned as a potential destination? Doesn’t part of you wonder whether such speculation has any source, or if there’s just a media consensus that if you’re a “Euro”, the Raptors want you on their team? It feels like pure laziness to me.

    …anyway, if you want me on-topic, I’ll join the chorus that agrees that DeMar had some sweet dunks, because he did. Best dunk contest in a long time, even factoring in the props.

  2. dunk competition was a joke. Demar had some great quotes on an espn.com article. Dunk contest should be about dunking… seemed way to hollywood… i guess that’s what you get with an all-star game in LA… other than Demar, seemed a lot more like a Dunk Production.

  3. best video ever…i have goosebumps…

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