NBA Logo on the court in London

Thanks to Twitter we know that the Raptors have returned to Toronto and thanks to the media hotline we know they’ll be back to business as usual starting tomorrow at noon when the team hits the practice court. Before we put London behind us, though, let’s take a look at some of the coverage around the blogosphere, starting with the fantastic guest post recap written right here on RaptorBlog by Tom Hurley.

  • If you haven’t read his recap yet, do yourself a favor, read his recap and feel his excitement. Awesome. So happy the fans in London were able to get a triple-overtime thriller. Pretty perfect way to close out their two games.
  • This isn’t an article entirely devoted to the Raptors in London, but it was sweet all the same. The Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk has a piece on sports stars who don’t make the pros. The article also talks about the Raptors in London and the fact that each player was able to bring one person along with them, expenses paid by the team. Thought it was interesting to see who some of the guys brought along with them. As the article says, DeMar brought his girlfriend, Amir brought his boy Veezy who stays here in Toronto and Andrea brought his mom. Thought it was nice of the team to allow each player to bring a guest. Bet it was one crowded and crazy plane ride to London.
  • For more from our boy Tom Hurley, check his Plixi account, where he’s got plenty of photos of his Raptors experience.
  • Probably the biggest thing to come out of the Raps time in London wasn’t anything that happened on the floor, but was Larry Tanenbaum speaking about Bryan Colangelo, saying, “Bryan has a plan and we back his plan as a board.” This is a positive sign for Colangelo who has declined to speak about matters concerning extension talk. I didn’t expect to hear something about Colangelo’s future during the trip, so to hear something and something so positive was a surprise for me.
  • The opening sentence of this blogpost had me laughing out loud. As a clumsy person, I can relate. I’ve definitely been there, sticky, coke-soaked eyelashes? Yup. Here’s a recap of Friday’s game from @Motezb.
  • Alright, onto the tweets and photos that I enjoyed from the trip:

After Deron Williams broke his Sonny's ankles on Friday afternoon.

Sonny recovered from the crossover Deron gave him, but couldn't deal with the time zone shift.

Ed Davis wasn't such a fan of London. I heard he really wasn't a fan of the food, either.

One of my favorite candid shots, taken courtesy of @eric__smith

Another shot taken by @eric__smith, love this one because it shows, once again, how far DeMar has come since his rookie season where he was shy and uncertain both on and off of the court.

  • And while this London thing was cool, I’m happy this team is back. 3 p.m. tip offs were fun, but I missed practice and covering games and feeling like I was in the loop. Any of you with me on that one? I will not take having a team in town for granted!