You’re probably disappointed with the outcome of the Raptors/Jazz game last night. Even if you’re on team tank, when your team is tied with a chance to win in the final seconds, a furious finish like the one last night can hurt. I know. I get it. Because the ending was a little deflating, I thought I’d give you this to start your morning off right.

Allow yourself a moment to stop and daydream about a world in which you can spin, jump and slam like this…Wouldn’t it be nice?

(via @outsidethenba)

Postgame, DeRozan said he hadn’t had a chance to see his dunk yet, but that teammate Ed Davis told him he thought it was his best in-game dunk thus far. While teammate Joey Dorsey joked, “He got that spin move from me,” DeRozan said he actually got it from Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings. Either way, it’s a beauty.

And… if that’s not enough, check this clip and pay attention to the last sentence that is said before the video finishes:

(also via @outsidethenba)

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  1. i was catching this game on TV when Demar threw that dunk down. My jaw actually hit the floor. But then they lost the game, and my jaw hit the floor once again. That was a horrible horrible loss.

  2. This season was never about wins and losses, but about the growth of the young players and being competitive as a team while learning to play together, and winning enough to not be too discouraged, as the team rebuilds from the Bosh era.

    It has been exciting to see the growth and improvement in DeRozan, Amir Johnson, and James Johnson, Davis, and Bargnani who along with this years high draft pick and next years, will be the core of an exciting young team for the coming years. It will be up to BC to add in enough veteran players thru FA or trades to compliment the youth.

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