• Practice was short and sweet today. At least, it was for me after the subway was delayed and I ended up spending 20 minutes hanging around waiting so I could get to Union. Awesome. Turns out the Raptors also finished practice early for the first time this season, so things were really working against me time wise. That being said, we’ve got a quick injury update for you and some quick notes from what I did catch:
  • One reason why practice opened early? The lack of bodies available to practice. With a lot of guys out, bruised and sore, the team wasn’t able to go through a hard practice. I did manage to speak with Jay Triano even though I missed his scrum, just to get an injury update. Here’s Jay:

“Jose could not practice today, bruised calf, or swelling in his calf. Reggie’s really sore form the minutes he played. Andrea practiced lightly. Ajinca did not practice. Leandro Barbosa’s back is really sore. Amir did not practice.”

  • Jay then elaborated on Amir Johnson’s left ankle sprain that he sustained in the first half against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night:

“His ankle is not looking real good right now.”

  • It made me cringe to hear these words. Knowing Amir and how tough he is, knowing he’s played months with a sore back and then through a sprained ankle already, knowing he wanted to try to come back at halftime during the game on Wednesday, it sounds pretty bad to hear that he was, as Jay said, “doubtful” a day before Friday’s game against the Indiana Pacers. Sending some quick healing thoughts to one of the toughest Raptors on the squad.
  • While Reggie was very tired today, Jay said he thinks he will be good to go tomorrow.
  • Andrea Bargnani had no interest in talking about the timeline of his illness. I tried to ask whether he’d been since in London, since he was sick before he left, but believe me when I tell you that got me nowhere.