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  • If you follow me on Twitter (@stackmack), you might remember this story from Friday night: Pregame, we’re in the Raptors’ locker room when Amir Johnson comes strolling through with a pair of runners on his feet. No tape job, no limp, looking pretty damn good for a guy who rolled his ankle in Wednesday’s game against Utah. When I asked him how his ankle was feeling, I got a smile, laugh and, “You see my swag?” before Johnson walked into the training room.
  • The other two reporters and I agreed: Johnson definitely had swag. At least, he had more swag than you’d expect from someone with a badly sprained ankle. From the looks of that, Johnson playing on Sunday seemed hopeful. Well, it’s Sunday and…Not so much. Johnson tried to convince his coaches to let him practice on Saturday afternoon, saying that he was fine, but when he was barely able to run, that ankle causing him to limp and lag behind, he was sent to the sidelines. Jay Triano made it sound like Johnson is a scratch for today, but that he might be available on Wednesday when the team goes to Detroit to face the Pistons.
  • Leandro Barbosa also is dealing with a very sore back. You might have noticed he almost checked into the game on Friday with an icepack still attached to his back. Barbosa gave his postgame media scrum while sitting down in his locker  –asking us before we began if it was alright if he sat because the back was bothering him– and when I asked him about his back at practice he winced and said it wasn’t feeling so hot. After a season-high 29 points from him against the Pacers, it would be nice if that back could leave him alone long enough to have a repeat performance.
  • Jerryd Bayless was shooting from all over the court today, strangely enough, in track pants. Either way, he was drilling three-pointer after three-pointer and then had some hands-on coaching from Triano when he stopped him to explain how he was pushing his shot toward the basket, rather than shooting it. Always neat to see instruction happening since we usually are only in the gym to see guys shooting around on their own.
  • I had a nice chat with Ed Davis at practice today and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this shortly. For now though, know he is rooting hard for UNC, is looking forward to the Raptors trip to Philadelphia where his dad  (who has been tied up with a coaching schedule of his own) will finally get to see him play, and that he absolutely does not know his way around a kitchen to cook himself dinner.