Practice was interesting today. A few guys had some team events they had to go to when they were finished and the rest were ready to slip out of the gym without talking to media, but one guy who always has to talk with us is Jay Triano.

After speaking with us and leaving the arena, Triano had to head over to The Score’s studio to appear on Tim and Sid: Uncut. If you missed him on there, you can check out Scott Carefoot’s recap right here. Notice how happy he sounds with those guys? He wasn’t as thrilled with me when I asked about Leandro Barbosa’s shot selection in the game against the Bobcats.

One game after scoring a season-high 29 points, Barbosa scored 15 points off of the bench, but shot just 6-for-18 from the floor in 23 minutes of action. On a night when everyone seemed to be struggling, I get why he took the shots, but I wanted to see if Triano felt as though Barbosa puts pressure on himself to score when guys like DeMar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani are struggling.

  • Here’s Triano on the shots Barbosa took in the game on Sunday against the Bobcats:

“They were the same shots that he took when we won against Indiana. If you look at them, two of his three-pointers went rattle-rattle-rattle out, rattle-rattle-rattle out. If those go in it’s a different story and he’s shooting a different percentage. He is a shooter. He’s got to shoot the basketball.”

  • Here’s Triano after I asked whether he thinks Barbosa puts pressure on himself to score when other guys are struggling, since he’s always been that scoring boost off of the bench:
“I think that’s who he’s always been. His ability to get to the basket and get past people. We needed to share the ball a  little bit better and we showed some clips of that today, but listen: We’re the seventh or eighth best shooting team in the NBA without being able to make a 3-point shot. We have one game where we don’t really get it going for a variety of guys, so let’s just f–king relax a little bit, alright?”
My mother told me I sounded a little tired when I called her on my walk to practice this morning. Maybe it’s time to listen to Triano and just f–king relax. Or maybe, just get some more sleep.

After talking to Triano, I spoke solo to James Johnson for a few minutes to ask him about his adjustment to his new team and opportunity here in Toronto. Funny moment: while his coach unabashedly dropped the f-bomb during his media scrum, during my time speaking with Johnson, he  said the word “ass”  then covered his mouth in surprise, raised his eyebrows and apologized. Look for more with James Johnson to be posted on Raptorblog tomorrow.

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  1. Jay cussed at a women interviewer (Holly) who asked a Raptor related basketball question?smh

    Jay is classless and a Bush League puppet coach of BC’s who knows nothing about defense but can spout off random offensive numbers, stats even if they don’t lead to winning games.smh BC fired Sam for Jay?lol

    The faster BC, Gheradini & Jay are removed from the Rap’s organization the better.

  2. Even if Barbosa is shooting >50% why the **** is he playing 25 minutes a game when players such as Bayless and Davis would obviously benefit from more touches. Honestly, the number of times (per game) where Davis is literally wide-open after a pick-and-roll and Barbosa completely ignores him in order to drive into double-coverage and throw the ball wildly off the glass is truly astounding.

    Jay, here’s a newsflash for you: scratching out a few extra wins (at the expense of our draft pick’s value) is not going to make your coaching look any better. While it is obvious you like to lean on your “young team” and its “inexperience” when looking for a means/excuse to justify each and every loss, how about considering your own inexperience and inability to coach at the NBA level. And then go **** yourself.

  3. wow…folks really love Jay Triano around here. that’s some venom in those previous 2 comments, eh?

    i scoffed at the notion of hiring Triano after Smitch was fired. “he’s Canadian, what can he possibly know about coaching an NBA team?”

    i’ve become luke-warm to him now, but the more I see him in the media the more put-off i become with his attitude. the thing is, he doesn’t have the cred of say, a Gregg Popovich to give that kind of attitude. Pop can be an ass, but at the same time not be a douche. Triano, sadly, is coming off as the latter.

    The Raptors is a bad basketball team because of a combination of things, and one of those things is coaching.

  4. Man. That’s kind of disappointing … and about as much as I really even want to know about Jay Triano. I’ll be more disappointed if he’s back next year.

  5. The more time goes on, the more I like Jay Triano – he’s a true Canadian bad ass…

  6. Triano = 60 losses per season

  7. Blows me away that Jay Triano could say “We have one game where we don’t really get it going for a variety of guys.” One game? ONE GAME?? Are you kidding me? This is a team that has lost 48 of the 66 games it has played this year. Sub-.300 winning percentage. Does he inhabit the same planet as the rest of us, or is his postal code in some alternative reality?

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