By now I’m sure you’ve seen the photo that Reggie Evans tweeted of Ed Davis’s car. If you haven’t here’s the back story: Last season, DeMar DeRozan somehow managed to slip through the year without having any real rookie duties or pranks pulled on him. After a practice session last week, I asked him if the team was going to allow Ed off of the hook just as easy. DeMar smiled and said they had a big surprise coming for him, asked me not to write that and then said we would all see when he happened. Sure enough, the vets moved quickly and a week later, prank was completed.

Thanks to Reggie, here’s the result of Ed getting rookied:


A little while later, Ed retweeted a tweet from Toronto musician, Drake. He wasn’t the only one to retweet the message, but for fans who say that Ed seems reserved when speaking about Toronto, this should be a welcome sight. It’s important to remember that Ed’s a pretty low-key guy. He’s not going to stand on a rooftop to scream out his love and appreciation. He will retweet Drake doing the online/social media equivalent of that, though.

Not bad to see at all.

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  1. Simply, awesome!!!!! yeah.

  2. Are people still alive??!! hah

  3. It’s almost like Ed Davis knows that Toronto sports fans have an inferiority complex and need to be told that the world class city they live in is great.

  4. i think he got off pretty easy.

    i think donte green of the kings got popcorn in his car (not packing peanuts) in his car

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