By now I’m sure you’ve seen the photo that Reggie Evans tweeted of Ed Davis’s car. If you haven’t here’s the back story: Last season, DeMar DeRozan somehow managed to slip through the year without having any real rookie duties or pranks pulled on him. After a practice session last week, I asked him if the team was going to allow Ed off of the hook just as easy. DeMar smiled and said they had a big surprise coming for him, asked me not to write that and then said we would all see when he happened. Sure enough, the vets moved quickly and a week later, prank was completed.

Thanks to Reggie, here’s the result of Ed getting rookied:


A little while later, Ed retweeted a tweet from Toronto musician, Drake. He wasn’t the only one to retweet the message, but for fans who say that Ed seems reserved when speaking about Toronto, this should be a welcome sight. It’s important to remember that Ed’s a pretty low-key guy. He’s not going to stand on a rooftop to scream out his love and appreciation. He will retweet Drake doing the online/social media equivalent of that, though.

Not bad to see at all.