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By now, you may already have heard of a report/rumour going around that Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors are finally warming up to the idea of parting with Andrea Bargnani.

The original report, on the New York Daily News’ website, written by Mitch Lawrence, actually has a couple more interesting nuggets of Raptors-related news. The report states that Bryan Colangelo will be coming back to run the Raptors, “according to several league sources.” It also states that if Mike D’Antoni should become available (which is becoming more possible with each passing Knicks implosion), then “Triano could be jettisoned.”

First of all, I think we all expected Colangelo to be given an extension, no matter the results of this current season, the collapse of last season or the plethora of failed experiments in Toronto (Jermaine O’Neal, Hedo Turkoglu). There was, however, that very interesting report in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago that pointed out one reportedly dissatisfied MLSE board member.

No one can argue that after one great season in Colangelo’s first full season in Toronto, the franchise has gone downhill over the last four seasons. But one would also have to agree that Colangelo has been able to quickly erase his biggest mistakes (again, see O’Neal and Turkoglu).

I’ve been mostly convinced that I would want Colangelo back, on the simple premise that if you let him go, and you’re not going after Kevin Pritchard, then you’re still taking a step back. The only thing keeping me uneasy about BC coming back was my assumption that he still believed Andrea Bargnani was a franchise player worth building around.

However, today’s report could squash all of that. Now obviously, we don’t know, and likely won’t know for a while, if this report has any truth to it what so ever. Colangelo could come out tomorrow and say that it’s not true and that Bargnani will still be here long-term.

But if it is true, then I’d have to throw my full support behind a Colangelo extension. Over the last little while, Colangelo seems to be figuring things out. Besides drafting DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis, Colangelo traded Marco Belinelli for Julian Wright, tried to turn Jose Calderon into Tyson Chandler, and picked up James Johnson for next to nothing.

The Linas Kleiza signing was still suspect, but everyone loved it while watching him in the World Championships this past summer.

As for Bargnani, those who have read any of my posts will know that I don’t think his “potential” is an issue. He has the natural talent, size and versatility to be a 25 and eight type of player, with a block per game in there too. The issue with Bargnani is, will he ever apply himself on both ends of the floor for a consistent period of time? And if we’re still asking that question in year five, then the most likely scenario is that people will be asking the same question throughout his career.

His shot-blocking, overall defensive game and rebounding have taken drastic steps backwards this season after some improvement last year.

My opinion on Bargnani remains that if he is a power forward playing beside a true, defensive centre (like the aforementioned Chandler), then he is an NBA All Star. If he is a centre, or a power forward playing beside another power forward (like Chris Bosh, Amir Johnson or Ed Davis), then he is more detrimental to a team than beneficial.

So unless the Raptors acquire a true centre with a profound defensive impact in the next six-to-eight months, then I totally understand and whole-heartedly support Bargnani getting the boot.

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  1. Bargnani will never deserve to be an allstar, PF or not. It’s not like PFs don’t have to play defense or rebound. You think Bargnani will fare well against the hyper athletic Josh Smiths and Blake Griffins of the league? His only offensive advantage is his range and quickness against slower Centers, which will be largely negated against quicker and more mobile PFs.

  2. The day Bargnani is traded (or waived, or retires) will truly be a glorious one.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head… Bargnani needs to be balanced with very specific type of players… which is fine if you can do it, but why keep him if you can’t?

    You know he will continue the tradition of ex-raptors destroying their former team in epic fashion though… just saying…

  4. No he won’t – he doesn’t care enough.

    After this season I’m convinced that Bargs will never anchor anything other than a steaming pile of sh*t.

  5. He just needs a fresh start somewhere that he fits in, he’s got the talent. Surely (hopefully?) there will be other teams out there who would value him…. and with a coach who gives him a kick in the ass once in awhile who knows he might even improve his D and rebounding.

    Looking around the league I’d say a team like Minnesota.. they’ve got a perpetual double-double in Love, if I were them I’d take the chance. Trade them Bargs for Darko, a swingman like Webster or Johnson, and maybe we could land the rights to Rubio and Colangelo’s Euro movement would actually justify itself for once. Either that or maybe Atlanta alongside Horford, or Sacramento w/ Cousins, we could get some building blocks somewhere.

    At any rate we’re past the honeymoon stage here and we should be looking to trade.

  6. The day he is moved will indeed be glorious.

    In fact, the day Colangelo, Triano and Bargnani are all long gone will be pretty satisfying as well. I don’t understand why we’re wasting our time with a front office and a core that will top out as a one and done first round team at best.

    Who cares about what kind of situation it takes to maximize Bargnani’s skill set? It’s not worth our time as an organization.

  7. There is no evidence out there to suggest that Bargnani’s problem is that he is playing out of position. In fact (as pointed out above), his defense problems would look worse at PF. And even when he is motivated and playing hard, he still is one of the worst help defenders in the league. Nothing will fix that.

    Bye-bye, AB, you will not be missed.

  8. The ugly and mentally challenged people in the Raptors stands are surely thinking to get, maybe tomorrow, Kobe and Lebron and Popovich, too! They don’t understand they won’t get any of this, just the usual amount of scrubs wanting to come up there. And just for money, not for love!

    As of you, Joe Casciaro, you must be feeling guilty to be what he is. So you think Colangelo becomes a genius when warming up to the idea of parting with Bargs: everything’s forgiven, then! And if he can get rid of others, as well, the racial profiling is gratefully completed:
    “Over the last little while, Colangelo seems to be figuring things out. Besides drafting DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis, Colangelo traded Marco Belinelli for Julian Wright, tried to turn Jose Calderon into Tyson Chandler, and picked up James Johnson for next to nothing. The Linas Kleiza signing was still suspect……”

    Well done, bro! Championships at the dozens, in the near future, for you and your friends!!!

  9. If only Andrea’s defence was half as intense as his fans’ efforts to defend him. It wouldn’t make it any more effective but at least he’d be trying.

    “Racial profiling?” Jesus, yeah, because Raps fans would have really hated to have Steve Nash play on this team (or Ginobli, Nowitzki, Love, etc.).

    I honestly thought BC was going to pull the trigger on a Bargs trade this season. I think he’s still trying to prove people wrong but you can’t ignore a fanbase that’s had enough of the guy. I’d be very curious to see what kind of return BC could get for him. After all, he supposedly gets calls about Andrea all the time, right?

  10. Mike D’Antoni??!!

    The guy is a serious hack!

  11. finally nice to see a sensible admission of the incongruence of keeping bargs on this team by the t.o. sports media. most of us who have been watching this train wreck BC has created have been begging for bargs to get traded for years, so it’s gratifying to see others finally ‘getting it’.

    that d’antoni rumour is terrifying tho. he just does not seem like the kind of coach the Raptors youth would benefit from. too bad jerry sloan isn’t available… oh, wait….

  12. @cdawg I was actually thinking the same way … I don’t know if we could some how trade him and I’d go so far as to say trade Bayless or sign and trade Evans if needed to secure the rights to Rubio….then we would have the Spanish connection…. We would also quite possibly the next prodigy point guard. One can only hope. Bargs isn’t bad but his issue as has been pointed out time and time again is that he is a one dimensional player. Ed Davis has shown good promise. He hasn’t had proper playing time yet. When he has been given the playing time though he has put up the numbers. He is solid offensively although he needs some work in that area cause he doesn’t the same solid mid range to outside jumper, but its not bad. Where it matters though is he can bang down low and takes on the challenge of banging down low with the likes of Blake Griffin. He has time and time again stated in interviews he likes the challenge and the learning experience. By mid season next year Ed Davis should be our starting PF. I’m not sure i blame it all on Triano completely because he has given Demar lots of playing time and he has obviously done a good job of developing him and Davis. He also gets alot of praise from other players around the league. If Triano gets fired I’d like to see PJ Carlise step into the hot seat and see what he can do if D’Antonie or what ever isn’t available. Also I feel if we draft a decent SF and try and get rid of Klieza some how, we will instantly be a lot better off. Sorry for the rant, but I’m a passionate raptors fan and i will never stop believing that this team can be good and will be good.

    On a side note I’ve been following this blog for 2 years now and I really like the progress that its made. I also like the fact that through the bad and good you have stuck by your team. Rant Over.

  13. TrueTorontoFan: I will admit that if writing for this blog hadn’t become part of my job, it would have become increasingly difficult to write about this team considering that they haven’t won a single playoff series since I launched this blog before the 2002-03 season. But adding Holly and Joseph to the mix has certainly added some fresh blood and perspective to my voice, and I’m glad you’re recognizing that.

  14. I cant sit through another season of Barg-Pylon. If he can be a bench player brought in for 15 mins of instant offense, then maybe.

    BC? Give him 2 years more only if he parts with Bargs.

  15. Would it be worth investing in a personal Defensive coach for Bargnani, just like Bynum with Abdul Jabar and Howard with Ewing. Maybe Antonio Davis?

  16. He would never be an all-star PF , there is zero chance of that.

  17. The PF crop is much more talented than the Center crop. He would not be an All-Star. And I basically agree with the 2 or 3 people that already pointed out that if he is moved to PF (which everyone seems to want so badly), that it’ll work out even worse. In fact the raptors have tried playing Bargnani at PF in the past and it’s failed, both from a defensive and offensive standpoint. At least playing at Center it only fails from a defensive standpoint

  18. Trade him for the rights to ODEN and maybe throw something else in like some draft picks.

  19. While I believe that Bargs has a very good chance of being an all-star player, it’s only because I can totally see the mainstream NBA media hyping him up as one despite any lack of a second dimension to his game.

  20. PBI–If all three of those guys are gone who will you complain about then? Atleast gotta keep one of them. Can’t have you spewing positive comments in here.

  21. David Mc Donald, you are spot on!
    Once the people get rid of Bargs, Calderon, Colangelo, Triano, Gheradini, Cuzzolin, possibly Kleiza, not taking of course that bum of Mike D’Antoni (and I really want someone, anyone, coming out and telling me: this is not a racial profiling) just WHO these half witted Solons are going to spit on next year? How will you guys spend your time when you get bored of talking on how great Amir Johnson is?
    That’s a problem! You’ve got to think and seriously consider about that.


    We need these two.

  23. I know that Bargnia is not a 25 and 8 guy. I would like to tell the fans how much times I heard bargnia get praises for things he has not yet accomplish and thats far too often. Let talk about what he is doing now 5 years into his career.
    The writer talks about adding a strong Center like Chandler would boost Bargnia to NBA
    superstardom. Thats just irresponsible journalism, their is no proof in that. Maybe its time that you understand what is mean by what not being a franchise player means. you said it yourself in this article that Andrea Bargnia is not one to build around. So why talk about him like he is a allstar .
    This article should be thought out more thourly information an thoughts are not practical.
    We all know that Colangelo threw the “bargnia may get traded” out their to save his job. Saying that you would back a guy knowing that he has fail and that he has a bad job is like saying you dont like basketball.
    In plain Alex Englinsh, no person goes to the doctor and say “Doc I have a nagging
    injury that has been bother me causing me great pain, but I think I want to keep it”.
    So In retrospect to Colangelo and Triano why would you want to keep failure. And why
    would you not want to ease the pain of millions of fans.
    Thanks for James Johnson Colangelo now beat it.

  24. A few asshole like C.D.G, took the time to mention racial profiling in their comments. I on think these idiots know who does the names calling in society. People label me a minority thats racial profiling. It is already documented in history who the racist groups are. This comment is reserve for basketball. Get your garbage comments outta here
    People wanna get rid of guys like Bargnia, Caleron, Klieza Colangelo Triano, because they have the heaviest hold on this team and the team is a huge f-up.
    If Amir Johnson shot the ball as much as the players I mentioned and he did not play defense or rebound I would want him gone too. I like Dirk, I like Anerson Birdman, I like
    Nash and Ginobli. But these players dont play for Raptors. Micheal Jordon punk thats
    all I have to say, we will alway be the best but we are not the best at everything and just life. The real racial profilling is paying Bargnia, Calderon and Klieza huge contracts for
    the meager performance. hahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha

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