Anyone surprised with the outcome of this one?

Didn’t think so. What was surprising, was that the Raptors cut a 29-point deficit down to 10 in the fourth quarter before ultimately succumbing to a more talented Knicks team.

While Andrea Bargnani started for the Raptors, he played just eight minutes before sitting out with a sore right ankle. In his absence, Ed Davis was solid once again, scoring a career-high 22 points to go with 13 rebounds. DeMar DeRozan was also brilliant offensively with 36 points and 10 rebounds, shooting 13-for-27 from the floor. DeRozan also made a three-pointer and added three assists, a steal and a blocked shot.

For the third straight game, Jerryd Bayless showed his skills to the Raptors coaching staff, starting in place of the injured Jose Calderoon once again. Bayless finished with 19 points and five assists before fouling out in 36 minutes of playing time.

Game wise, the Raptors fell behind big, early, trailing 78-54 at the half. They continued fighting, though. In what sounds like a broken record, the team is doing the right things as the season winds down, working and hustling and showing off the improvements and growth that has occured during a season marred with many defeats.

If I had my way, I’d almost prefer to see the young guys continue to get the majority of the minutes down the stretch, just so the team can see what they’re working with before the draft. I think it’s important to see what Bayless has to offer, and any time Davis gets the minutes and attention he got tonight, it’s a step forward for the talented rookie.

I don’t call the shots, though. Guess we’ll see how that all unfolds, but in the meantime, the Raptors have the Cavaliers at home tomorrow. Will they be able to shake off tired legs and show up for their home crowd? Can Bayless continue to piece together strong performances, starting in place of Calderon? What about DeRozan? He’s already had such a strong sophomore season, will he finish off strong? I’d be willing to bet yes.

Knicks player of the game: Toney Douglas – 28 pts, 10-for-15 fgs, 6-for-9 3pt fgs, 1 reb, 5 asts, 2 stls

Raptors player of the game: DeMar DeRozan – 36 pts, 13-for-27 fgs, 1-for-3 3pt fgs, 10 rebs, 3 asts, 1 stl, 1 blk

Goat of the game: Andrea Bargnani – 8 minutes, 0 points, 0-for-4 fgs, 1 reb, 2 asts

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  1. My damn DVR didn’t record it, so I missed the game. Looking at the score, maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. It is nice to see DeRozan and Davis finish the season so well, though.

  2. So, when a player get injured, for you he’s the goat of the game??!!
    Why don’t you say, since you guys normally like to point it out, there must be someone guilty for the 78 points allowed in the first half? Maybe, you don’t have the right people at hand?
    Holly, you are The Mainstream personified. As Tim W., naturally.

  3. Defense anyone?

    For the past 2 years Jay has preached defense in training camp- fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me- to no avail as the Rap’s have ranked near the bottom of team defense in the NBA both years.

    BC take your Euro basketball vision & Gheradini to NY asap.

    Jay’s time is up as head coach, nice try guy- now go fuckin’ relax a bit.

  4. Holly,
    Where you excited to watch this game without Andrea out there (for the most part)? Great defensive game. Gotta like those 78 point – Half time totals.

    I do like your opinion – don’t always agree – but when you tweeted that statement of yours, you stepped outside of reporter integrity. I have no issue with criticizing someone’s play, but to wish they didn’t play … well, one could wish a player got hurt – that just seems like the next subjective step to take (even if no one would ever espouse such a scenario in public). Well … except for Charlie S.

    [ "What was surprising, was that the Raptors cut a 29-point deficit down to 10 in the fourth quarter before ultimately succumbing to a more talented Knicks team." ]

    Knicks trotted out their Bench, that’s why the Raptors came back. The latter part of the game was garbage minutes, and playground basketball – you get one, I get one. Stoudemire played all of the 4th Quarter, probably because the score differential was shrinking. The lead was never in doubt, but had things regressed any further, Melo would’ve been out there. Then we might have seen a 150 total for New York.

    All in all, this was a horrible game to watch. To pull out some redeeming qualities (aside from Davis), is really looking for the proverbial silver lining. I prefer to file this game in the trash, and move on.

    I do agree that some players could/should be shut down. If Bargs & Amir are not 100%, then until such time as they are, these 2 guys should be in suits. Maybe it’s time to give Alabi a shot of minutes. Plus Dorsey & Ajinca.

  5. oops…. that should read ….. “Were you excited to watch this game …. ”

    I guess I was too excited to respond.

  6. @fireeveryone guy

    Ya BC, take that No defense Euro Game to NY, if it wasn’t for the 20 minutes total played last night from people not born in the US, the raptors would have locked downnnnnnnn those pesky knickerbockers. O ya, i forgot ajinca’s black so he wouldn’t qualify as Euro under the “White players who i didn’t see in college” definition that seems prominent with raptor fans.

    Give me a break, this team’s defense sucks in general, but because 2/5 of the less then stellar defensive starters are European they fit in with a preconceived notion everyone has, so they take 99.9% of the blame. American players can play bad defense as well, this teams problems are much deeper then get rid of non-americans.

  7. @ Adam

    Your whole post is pure 100% facetious baldedash.lmfao

    Fyi- Ajinca is another soft jump shooting Euro center it’s has nothing to do with skin color but how he plays the game ie Bargnani Light.smh

  8. @ Adam

    Your whole post is pure 100% facetious balderdash.lmfao

    Fyi- Ajinca is another soft jump shooting Euro center it’s has nothing to do with skin color but how he plays the game ie Bargnani Light.smh


  9. @ C.d.G

    Thanks for that completely unprovoked slam. Very nice of you.

    The thing is, though, like it or not, I’ve been pretty much right about Bargnani the whole time. It just took a little longer for most other people to see it.

  10. well i see that you’ve thoroughly refuted my argument with your condescension and internet acronyms, i tip my hat to your debating skills
    1) dismiss points with laughter
    2) dont make counter points
    3) address one minor point made in jest and act like your disproving the crux of the argument

    (wasting time here but anywayyy)

    Raps score 101.13 pts a game with bargnani plays, and give up 106.15
    Raps score 97.38 pts when bargnani doesn’t play, and give up 103.92 pts

    So D improves by 2, Offensive drops by 4.
    Record without him 2-11, record with him 19-46.
    Calderon and Bargnani aren’t good defenders (although Andrea plays solid 1on1 D on bigs due to his size/speed) but as the loses have mounted, people want scapegoats and easy answers, so what happens, Bargnani/Jose/BC/Triano are all held up as sacrifices and the things holding this otherwise good team back, even though the numbers show they do more good for the team then bad. But fans dont want to hear that the team has more widespread issues (JJ may be the only good defender), they want to hear that you can get rid of these easily labeled guys and the team will be good again next year.
    I agree Calderon shouldnt really be in the plans for the future, he’s too old relative to the core, and if your going to keep Ed davis/Amir/ the other 50 Pf’s on this team, then yes Bargnani would be better with a larger Center and you cant play him at PF with all the other young Pf’s on this team so if u can trade him for a center then do it, but stop acting like these players are just bad, instead of this collection of players being a bad fit.
    /end thesis

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