Joseph Casciaro will soon start posting individual Raptor player evaluations for the past season, but in the meantime I thought I’d share this somewhat funny and more than a little strange TV ad from 2000 for the Barrie, Ontario-based “New VR” channel which has since been rebranded as “A Channel”. The fact that I’ve seen this video twice within a 24-hour period on two different websites (RealGM and ShamSports) led me to the conclusion that I’m supposed to share this with all of you.

Aside from the slightly off-putting moment at the 20-second mark when Kevin Willis is in that very small tent with the kids, I actually think this is one of the least embarrassing local ads featuring a Raptor player in the franchise’s history. And it got me thinking about which Raptor would be the most fun to have hang out at your house all day.

I probably wouldn’t choose to hang out with a Raptor at my house for an entire day because I assume that things would get awkward at some point. Sure, it might be fun to play Xbox with Amir Johnson for a couple of hours, but then what? But I’d like to hear from the commenters about who they think would be the most fun Raptor to spend a day with. Needless to say, I’ll be surprised if Reggie Evans doesn’t get at least one vote.

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  1. Reggie Evans – He can have some of the cookies from my cookie jar

  2. Can I choose Alvin Williams?

    If I could have 30 seconds with any one Raptor it would be Andrea Bargnani so I could slap him.

  3. None of them really,

    I’m a suburban dude who grew up North of Toronto, they are players from the states.

    What would I have in common?

    Probably Julian Wright – he would afford the best chance to hear all the juicy lockerroom gossip.

  4. Olivier Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I think I may have misspelled his first name?? oops.

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