Season Stats: 66 GP, 35.7 MPG, 21.4 PPG, 44.8 FG%,  34.5 3PT%, 82 FT%, 5.2 RPG, 1.8 APG, 0.7 BPG

Career Stats: 367 GP, 30.2 MPG, 15.1 PPG, 44.1 FG%, 37.1 3PT%, 81.7 FT%, 4.9 RPG, 1.2 APG, 0.9 BPG

Of all the player evaluations, I have a feeling this one will generate the most buzz and debate. After all, there’s a reason Bryan Colangelo referred to Andrea Bargnani as the “enigma of all enigmas to you and many.”

I’ll try not to go on a very long rant about Bargnani, because I’ve done that enough over the last few years, and everything I write in this post has already been said too many times.

Hopefully for the last time, here’s my take on Bargnani’s season and his future with the Raptors organization.

Let me make this clear from the beginning: Andrea Bargnani’s 2010-11 season was a disappointment. Yes, Bargnani finished 16th in the NBA in scoring and finished second in scoring among centres, but we already knew he could score. I fully expected Bargnani to be a 20-point scorer as the focal point of the offence and assumed we’d see him use more of a mix of an inside-outside game.

What was concerning on the offensive end for Bargnani was that despite taking a greater number of higher-percentage shots as opposed to three-pointers, his field goal percentage barely improved, and his three-point percentage actually dipped.

But the most troubling signs from Bargnani came on the other end of the floor. It’s one thing if he simply didn’t improve defensively or on the glass – then at least we could say he reached a ceiling in those areas of his game. But Andrea’s defence and rebounding actually took drastic steps back this season. In the 2008-2009 season, Bargnani grabbed 5.3 rebounds per game in 31.4 minutes per game. Then in the 2009-2010 season, Bargnani showed some promise by taking down 6.2 rebounds in 35 minutes. With an even more increased role this season, natural progression should have seen him up his average to at least seven rebounds per game. He fell well short of that mark – in fact, he grabbed less rebounds than the previous two seasons despite playing more minutes. And don’t give me the “Reggie grabbed everything” excuse, because Reggie Evans missed a significant chunk of the season.

On the defensive end, Bargnani was never going to be a legitimate defensive force. However, again, he had shown signs over the last two seasons of at least becoming somewhat of a shot-blocking presence. In 2008-09 and 2009-10, Bargnani blocked a very respectable 1.2 and 1.4 shots per game. And yet just as his rebounding numbers did, Bargnani’s blocks per game decreased despite more minutes this season.

Some believe that Bargnani needed this season to get acclimated to his new role as the offensive centre-piece, and therefore couldn’t devote the necessary attention to defence. To those that raise this argument, I beg you, please do not take the same kind of soft, excuse-making and laid-back approach to raising children as you do to coddling Andrea Bargnani. Our society doesn’t need any more spoiled kids looking for excuses.

I have said forever, and will continue to say, that Andrea Bargnani has the natural talent to be a 25-point, eight-rebound and two-blocks type of player. Potential and natural ability have never been and will never be an issue for Andrea. The problem will always be what he does with that ability, and so far, the results show that he won’t take full advantage of it.

I once wrote a post on Bargnani comparing him to the great line in A Bronx Tale that states “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” I don’t think I need to explain any further how Bargnani and that quote go hand in hand.

I’m still stubborn enough to believe that paired with a dominant defensive post-presence, Bargnani will realize some of his potential and could become an All Star. But I am also of the opinion that if you have to make certain moves just to “cover” a player’s flaws, then it might be easier to simply move that flawed player.

So if Dwight Howard somehow falls in your lap, or you find a way to land that dominant defensive post-presence, then you keep Andrea and probably watch him flourish. But the fact is that’s not going to happen, and based on that fact, whoever is running this team come the summer or the end of a possible lockout must find a way to part with the “enigma of all enigmas.”

Scott Carefoot’s take on Andrea Bargnani

Joseph said pretty much everything I would have said in regards to my complaints about “Il Mago”, so my contribution will be to reiterate my belief that you can’t succeed in the NBA with somebody as negligent in the responsibilities of defense and rebounding as Bargnani. There are Bargnani fans who feel like the franchise has failed him more than the other way around, and they are welcome to continue rooting for him when he is mercifully shipped out after five frustrating seasons in Toronto. If you choose to continue to believe that he is a unique talent who only needs the right environment to flourish, that’s your prerogative. I will be more than willing to admit I was wrong about him when that situation occurs. I’m still waiting for all the Turkoglu fans who felt like I was disrespecting their national treasure to throw his post-Raptors success in my face. Until then, I want his goldbricking ass traded to another team regardless of the return. I’m not a Bargnani hater, I’m a Raptors fan — and I’m convinced this team won’t achieve any kind of meaningful success as long as Bargnani is considered a significant building block.

After getting this big one one out of the way, my next player evaluation will focus on Jerryd Bayless. Look for that post early next week.

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  1. Bargnani è il migliore e voi non capite una ceppa. Cacciate Colangelo e Triano e vedrete un’altra squadra. Anzi, Mago vai via dal Canada e cerca una buona squadra che avrai miglior sorte

  2. Well said – he needs to shape up or ship out. I saw him in a game against Minny and he was atrocious – couldn’t believe he was our marquee player. We need him to harness his talent and if he won’t then ciao or arriverdecci.

    It’s high time BC looks at offers for him for decent players at the point or centre.

    Key thing: we’re Raptors fans – if he’s not part of the future, then we need to move on… 5 years is long enough.

  3. Hopefully his scoring prowess will make him attractive to one of the league’s more desparate GM’s.

  4. Just as annoying as Bargnani’s laziness on defense, is his laziness on offense, the long twos, (especially the potential game winner in London) are bad basketball and boring to watch.

    Not to mention, for a guy that mobile he should be driving a lot more and dunking a lot more.

  5. he’s not mobile at all. he’s a lumbering, awkward oaf out there. the only reason people think he’s mobile and quick is because the pbp team has been repeating that garbage for years. he’s raw sewage on the court

  6. Anybody who has been around the game long enough knows when a player “gets it”. Andrea Bargnani just doesn’t “get it”. He rarely shows any emotion on the court and he’s done a poor job of interacting with the fans off the court. It’s clear he’s still very uncomfortable communicating in English. Just take one look at his website and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I am in full support of Jay Triano returning next season as head coach but Sam Mitchell would still have that job had he not been fired for sitting someone who showed no hustle and more importantly showed no heart. Selecting Andrea Bargnani first overall was a mistake and Colangelo has to accept that. Like you said, no more excuses. Bargnani is a one-dimensional player at best and an average one at that! How many teams have had success with their seven-footers hovering around the perimeter? Sure Dirk has led his Mavs to the finals and yes Aldridge has carried his team on his shoulders throughout the course of this season, but they both possess what Bargnani lacks and that is the drive to want to be the best! The chemistry between the younger players on the team, along with Reggie and Barbosa, is much better without Bargnani in the mix. I have not one doubt in my mind that there is still a division in that locker room. The day that Bargnani no longer wears Raptors red will be the day that DeRozan is able to blossom into the All-Star we all know he can be! DeMar has already put in more work and shown more improvement in two seasons than Bargnani has in five. As fans, we want to see that strong work ethic. We need to know that our players care to win. The way Bargnani handles himself with the media is as lazy as his game. There’s nothing exciting about the guy at all. He’s a decent third option don’t get me wrong and some other team could benefit from his play, but definitely not the Raptors. Let the young gunz run wild, make the next pick in the draft a good one, spend Bosh’s trade exception carefully and move on. It’s as simple as that. His basketball IQ is far below average. He lacks the physical toughness required to bang with the bigs and he lacks the mental toughness that would ultimately propel him to that next level as an elite player in the NBA. Is he a difficult match-up for opposing teams? Sure. But that doesn’t make him a winner. It just makes him different…

  7. Time for Il Mago to El Packo !

  8. This past season Bargnani averaged 21 ppg on 17 shots per game- more than CBosh ever averaged as a Raptor, while playing half ass defense with no hustle game to speak of at all.

    The ball on offense was suppose to flow much more smoothly this season sans CB as this past preseason both BC & Jay said the ball got stuck alot in CB’s hands in past seasons yet this season the ball more often than not was stuck in Barg’s hands as he tried to out fake the defense- hmm.

    But we can’t solely blame Bargnani as BC, Gheradini & Jay have all enabled Barg’s by coddling his consistent lethargic efforts ever since he arrived in the TDot back in 2006.

    Bargnani aka I Got The Flu Coach quit on the Rap’s post London- straight up & down.

    I for one do not want to see Bargnani aka Mr Sometimes I Get Lazy aka Mr What I do On Offense Is More Complicated Than Defense & Rebounding aka Mr This Is Basketball Not Reboundball in a Raptors uniform ever again.

  9. At least it finally feels like the team is getting to the end with him to. Its to bad he could have been really good. When I watch him play defence and try and rebound it is just hard to watch. Even when the team would win a game 115-110. It still wasnt satisfying but if they lost a game say both team score in the 90s then at least you could say that they fought hard defensivley. Let’s see how it all works out.

  10. As hard as I’ve been on the guy, and he deserves the criticism, you have to wonder if another team/coach could have or will coax more out of him, not that he’ll ever be a great defender or rebounder. The really frustrating part about watching him this season was that he somehow got worse on D and on the glass. He used to have fairly regular games with multiple blocks and this season I can barely remember him blocking a shot. I still remember that game in New Orleans when Okafor had something like a dozen offensive rebounds and Triano just wouldn’t sit Bargs.

    Again, when people talk about Triano doing such a good job developing the young players, I’m not sure what this means apart from the fact that he gave a lot of them an opportunity to play. After last season where Turk was disgracefully coddled like a newborn baby, I would have thought guys were going to be held more accountable. Instead, Bargs got the star treatment.

  11. another non original, annoying, baseless post. What, did you just take a michael grange post and put ur name on it.

    You guys make it seem like being the 16th best scorer in the league is easy.

    So ridiculous. It’s unintelligent, unedecuated “bloggers” like this fool that stoke the flames of the unknowing masses to hate their star players.

    Get a life, sportsnet is way better than the score !

  12. King Bargs!


    Barg World Order!

  13. I feel that while the announcers say that Bargnani’s “skill set” is a mismatch against other centers, I think his skill set right now is a mismatch against our franchise team building.

    A 7’0″ center that will not aggressively rebound or rotate in the paint. He will not consistently set a definite post game in the paint to score high percentages. He is paid the highest on the team already and just by observation he does not at all show any signs of leadership or even definitive actions on the court by example.

    A question for Scott Carefoot and Holly Mackenzie:

    A ball is bouncing to the stands…who will most likely jump into the crowd and dive for the ball to tip it back in bounds to a teammate? Danillo Gallinari or Andrea Bargnani?

    I will say Danillo Gallinari will most likely do it.

  14. A lot of frustrations took the fans for all long regular season and AB is the bad player in the middle of a stars roster ……. uummmm!!!
    U know what, next year there will be a lot of frustration again even if AB goes
    That’s simple AB doesn’t meke a team alone

    Cheers happy fans

    …. ‘me ride anche il c

  15. tonious35: Gallinari doesn’t strike me as the diving type, either. I think they let a courtside fan catch it as they discuss which restaurant they’re going to hit up after the game.

    As for Bargnani being unfairly scapegoated, it’s not that the team would be good without him, it’s that I don’t believe they’ll ever be good as long as he’s playing 30-plus minutes. His liabilities overwhelm his offensive contributions.

  16. hes turnin into an everyday hedo turkalo

  17. Of course, Scott,
    also Gallinari got the Star treatment by D’Antoni first, and Karl now, just for some Sopranos references, or for needing an expert in restaurants guides! That’s why they make him play 30-35 minutes per game, not because they think he can be useful to their teams!
    And stop, please, with this ridicolous rethoric of the “diving type”. Going aground is so easy, you don’t show anything with that, other than people like you saying “See!”
    Louganis could do it better.

  18. Andrea Bargnia should have been chosen first over all in the draft. Colangelo knew Bosh would not resigned and had secret plans to replace him with Bargnia. But Colangelo’s plan failed because Bargnia shoots 44 per and his opponent shoots 78 per on him. You do the math. The Raptors are a embarrassment to professional sport. Only in Toronto can we debate about firing a GM that has done a bad job. In any other US market it would on been done already.
    You give me Marc Gasol, R Gay, Roy, Aldridge, Milsap, and Holiday are all better all around player than Bargnia.
    Colangelo, hopefully will be banished from Raptors, and he should have nothing to do with the draft. Triano was hired when a better choach than he was fired. Sam Mitchell.
    Triano is not a quality coach he is a experiment. Team USA can have him.
    Raptor should not resign any of their players but seek new ones in the way of free agents.
    The Issue was the Vet on the Raptors: Reggie, Calderon, Barbossa, Bargnia. Your not going to win anything if these are your veterans. Plain and simple B.C has no sense every trade was a stupid trade. I dont value anything he did. All his Veterans are sub par players. Yet he blame the season on young players who are holding their own.. These player dont get 17 shots a game to cover up their sins like Bargnia.
    If Triano wasn’t such a erratic and silly coach a guy like Ed Davis would of made the all rookie team. Especially because he is on of the only player on the team that have the size,skill defense for his position, he should of obviously started more at lest injury to Amir Johnson should be the reason we know that Davis should of started more.

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