While Blake Griffin was recently named Rookie of the Year, the All-Rookie teams were announced today. Raptors rookie Ed Davis was nowhere to be found.

The first team consisted of: Blake Griffin, John Wall, Landry Fields, DeMarcus Cousins and Gary Neal.

The second team consisted of: Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, Wesley Johnson, Derrick Favors and Paul George.

Wowzas. Before we delve into Davis’s name not being mentioned, I’ve gotta say that I did not expect to see Gary Neal making the first team. Really? By now you know I’m not one to argue against the undrafted rookie, but… On the press release sent out by the NBA it states:

The voting panel consisted of the NBA’s 30 head coaches, who were asked to select five players for the first team and five players for the second team, regardless of position.

If these two teams make up the 10 best rookies in the NBA this season, I have no idea how you don’t have Ed Davis on that list. Greg Monroe also would have been on my first team. Besides Neal making the first team, Davis would have made the cut over Eric Bledsoe and Wesley Johnson for me.

Davis finished with nine total votes, a single vote for the first team and 10 points total.

Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus tweeted: All-Rookie Team voting is too bad to even be worth complaining about.

He’s right. I already know I shouldn’t get worked up about this because voters often drop the ball on these things — See: Kobe Bryant being named to All-Defensive first team this year– but when it seems so obvious, it’s frustrating.

Here’s hoping Davis uses this slight as another piece of motivation this summer. After not being selected to participate in the rookie-sophomore game during All-Star Weekend as well as sliding to the 13th pick in the draft last year, Davis has already said he uses both as fuel to prove doubters wrong. Now that the All-Rookie teams are out, he’s got another thing to add to the diss list.

While it’s a shame that he wasn’t given the recognition his rookie season deserves, Raptors fans have to be happy with Davis. The 13th pick in the draft, he’s definitely one of the top 10 rookies in his class, even if the voters got it wrong again.