I recently posted a video of DeMar DeRozan doing his thing at the Drew League in California. Well, we’ve got another one that’s just as fun. A highlights compilation of Shannon Brown and DeRozan, the two teammates play above the rim in a big way. Wow. Sure, it’s summer ball and the competition is different than during a legit NBA game, blah, blah, blah. How sweet it must be to be able to get up and throw down like these two.

Check the 50-second mark for a beautiful move from Brown, then buckle up and wait for the DeRozan show. Who else wishes they were in L.A. for some Drew League action and some chicken and waffles from Roscoes? Man. Cali, you’re killin’ me.

(h/t @outsidethenba)

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  1. Great upload!

    As well, Sonny Weems is also playing in the Drew League- The Gym R.A.T.S., gotta love ‘em!!

    Btw- what is his higness- King Barg’s aka The Pope aka BC’s Golden Child aka Mr Sometimes I Get Lazy- doing?


    Does Bargnani have a single muscle on his body after 5 years in the NBA?smdh

  2. …I’m fifteen and my body looks better then that… and I look like shit

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