Raptorblog commenter “Patron” posted this YouTube link in the comments of my previous post, and it’s a beauty. The music is epic, Valanciunas looks like a stud, and there are a couple of shots of sexy European dancers mixed in. This may not be enough to convince the doubters that this was a good pick — nor should it be — but there’s something about the way European basketball fans put together their highlight videos that never fails to make me smile, and this is no exception.

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  1. and it starts with a WOLF

  2. Best thing about this vid is the definitely the cheerleaders.

    All I can say is UG – it’s going to be a long (or lockout) season.

  3. Anyone can look good in an edited video- I could make POB look like an All Star.smdh

  4. That mascot eats babies.

  5. Did Jonas miss the layup @ 1:15 in the video?

  6. SR: Jason Maxiell eats babies ( http://www.detroitbadboys.com/2007/1/29/1215059/the-jason-maxiell-eats-babies-t ). I think that mascot might eat Jason Maxiell.

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