Many Raptors fans were shocked when Bryan Colangelo and the Toronto Raptors selected Jonas Valanciunas with the fifth overall pick in last night’s NBA draft, but some of us — myself included — have started to come around to the possibility that this might have been the right pick, after all. Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones is not one of those fans. He’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore! OK, that’s an exaggeration, but let’s just say he never jumped off the Kemba Walker bandwagon.

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  1. Completely 100% agree with you Tas

  2. Exactly! I had high hopes the Raptors would take Kemba. I know he’s “undersized” or whatever, but you’re right about getting people to the games. He’s going to put up 50 at some point this season (I can feel it) and create a buzz around the Bobcats. Too bad the Raptors missed out. I’m excited about Kemba, not so much Valanciunas (okay, not at all).

  3. Wow, you people have high hopes for a guy taken 9th in one of the weaker drafts in NBA history.

  4. I have to say – the WORST place for a franchise to be is mediocre.
    The fact is, we now have one more year of being one of the worst teams in the leage and then in 2012-2013 we get a rush of young talent in the form of Valanciunas and a high 2012 draft pick.

    also, a good center is the rarest of all commodities in the NBA. PGs… not so much.

  5. This video doesn’t work for me :(
    When I press play it shows “The selected item is not currently available”.

  6. Is Kemba better than Jerryd Bayless? That is the question.

  7. Why yes. Yes he is.

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