This headline surely got your attention whether you’re pro-Bargnani, anti-Bargnani or simply pro-Neil Young — if you’re anti-Neil Young, I don’t want to know about it. Believe it or not, this isn’t another Bargnani-bashing post. There are plenty of those out there, and I can’t imagine there is anything I could write about him at this point that somebody already hasn’t put into ink or pixels.

Whether or not Bargnani deserves the criticism he receives isn’t of particular interest to me right now. What fascinates me is the ongoing backlash against Jonas Valanciunas due to factors outside of his control. There is a faction of Raptors Nation that is determined to label him and virtually every other European player as “soft” regardless of the evidence as hand. Whether it’s fair or not, Andrea Bargnani is primarily responsible for the festering of this extreme prejudice by Raptors fans against all basketball players from an entire continent.

As the first European player to be picked first overall in an NBA draft, Bargnani was doomed to be a lightning rod for anti-Euro sentiment unless he blossomed into a perennial All-Star. It would be one thing if his career had been derailed by injuries or if the Raptors had simply misjudged his talent. Neither has been the case — Bargnani’s underachievement hasn’t been due to a lack of ability, but moreso because he doesn’t exhibit an obvious willingness to do whatever it takes to win like most Canadian sports fans expect from their professional athletes. As much as it makes basketball fans like me roll our eyes, there’s no denying the hockey-derived prevalence of “lunchbox mentality” among Canadian sports fans that leads us to admire players like Jerome Williams and Reggie Evans over players who are significantly more talented.

For all that Bargnani does well, the things that he doesn’t do well are perceived to be based on lack of effort — and rather than come to the logical conclusion that he’s part of a rich history of supremely talented players from various backgrounds like Vince Carter and Derrick Coleman who failed to maximize their basketball potential, certain fans have decided to use Bargnani’s shortcomings as an excuse to nurse deep-rooted xenophobic sentiments about European basketball players who supposedly don’t play the game the way it’s meant to be played.

Meanwhile, the true MVPs on each of the last two NBA champions were European. Obviously, nobody disputes Dirk’s bonafides, although it took one of the greatest post-seasons in my lifetime to overcome an unfair softness label. But Pau Gasol’s bed-soiling in the 2011 playoffs has clearly made a significant number of NBA fans forget how dominant he was in the 2010 Finals. If Kobe Bryant wasn’t Kobe Bryant, Gasol would have rightfully received that Finals MVP award.

Regardless, Bargnani’s failure to live up to so many of our expectations lingers like a fog over any European player who is brought into the Raptors organization. Thus, Jonas Valanciunas is faced with a segment of Raptors fans who not only doubt his ability to succeed in the NBA, but appear to be actively rooting against him to succeed based on their twisted need to feed the righteousness of their prejudices.

If you’re unaware of this lingering stench of xenophobia, then it’s unlikely that you’re particularly active on popular Raptors message boards, blogs, and on Twitter. These anti-Euro roots are deep-seeded, and some impressive performances by Valanciunas in a FIBA under-19 tournament will do absolutely nothing to dig them up. When I’ve watched Valanciunas interviews with English-speaking media, I’ve witnessed a kid who is overwhelmed by the attention he’s getting, who is trying to be careful to not say the wrong thing in this adopted language, and who is excited about the opportunity to display his skills on the largest, brightest stage in his sport.

Sensing this about Valanciunas, I’m increasingly saddened by this hateful contingent of so-called Raptors fans who not only doubt his ability to succeed in the NBA, but appear to be actively rooting against him. I’m not predicting that Jonas will be a future All-Star at this point and I would mock anyone who would make this assessment at his current stage of development. But why don’t we all take the opportunity to watch his development over the next year, free of prejudice? Is being right more important than the Raptors getting it right (for once) with a European player? If that’s the case, that says a lot more about you than it does about Bryan Colangelo. And neither Andrea Bargnani nor Jonas Valanciunas are truly responsible for planting that seed in your mind.

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  1. Okay mock away. LOL

    Actually the idea that Reggie plays harder than Amir does is just plain dumb.

  2. Well written. I’m in favour of waiting a year, seeing what happens, but I don’t blame people for being skeptical about the drafting of another unknown quantity from outside of North America.

  3. Budda you must be Amir’s bf, because you are all up on his nutsack.

  4. I was sure Knight was the pick, but when Jonas fell to us it was either him or Knight. I looked up almost every player that was going to go top7 in the first round, so I was able to see what Jonas would bring to the table. I was quite impressed with what I saw. When BC decided to make him the 5th pick I was pretty happy with the outcome. Seeing him in this exhibition game I’m even happier about the pick.

  5. Buddahfan, do you acually have a job (other than Amirs PR person)

    You must post 100 times per day, SBNation, Raptors Republic, the Score, Twitter.

    madeupid25 is right, get off Amirs nutsack it getting tired and boring.

  6. The “Euros are soft” garbage is, quite simply, from people who are not in any way Raptors fans. Or at least they weren’t four years ago, when we employed a guy by the name of Jorge Garbajosa who was tougher than burnt elephant steak.

  7. canadian minorities have a serious inferiority complex with the american negro. whereas teams in the states love their euro imports and embrace the import. they dont have the inferiority issue urban canadian youth have. … here in toronto the urban raptor fan craves the love and affection of the american negro so desperately that any and all euros are regarded with contempt…canadian urban youth want american black men to love them, to idol worship. urban canadian youth feel soft being canadian as it isnt “gully” or ‘ganster” they need to emulate the american ballers to feel a connection to the team. theyre so desperate to be loved by american ballers its disturbing idol worship…..and the euros are trash xenophobia sadly continues.

    nhl draft over the weekend. did anybody get upset we drafted euros and american kids?
    bluejay draft, did anybody complain over drafting foreigners?toronto fc,is anyone complaining?

    only urban basketball fans in toronto are up in arms. it has nothing to do with bargnani its more of a social disorder our urban youth have desperate to disassociate with the softness of being canadian and more be tough and be ghetto “be american”

    its sad really.

  8. To label the entire (or even most of the) fan base xenophobic is a bit of an oversimplification.

    I think the fans are frustrated with the direction of this team and they’re taking out their anger on the philosophy they believe to be responsible for shape the team is in from what they’ve been told ie Colangelo bringing in Gheradini as an integral part of the front office when he was hired and stressing the importance of European talent which lead to the Bargnani pick as you pointed out.

    Again, don’t think it’s anything deep seated, it’s just frustration with the losing and the belief that the current mindset has gotten the Raptors in the lottery hell they are in now. I don’t think Raptors fans would have any problems rooting for an exciting winning team comprised of non-North American players playing integral roles as we saw from 2006 to 2008.

  9. I 100% agree. I really like the character and love for the game I am seeing out ouf Jonas. He was a great ppick for long-term. Lets get out of mediocrity, and the way of doing that is putting great peices together for the future… a couple years were are going to be one free agent signing away from being a contender. Jonas is going to help us achieve that boht by being a solid addition in a couple years, and leaving us to fend for ourselves ONE more year to get one more high draft pick…then I think we are set with a young nucleus who want to stay together.

  10. 1st off , so, if you don’t agree with the Jonas pick and/or BC’s stated Euro/International vision for the Rap’s you are to be labeled as being an xenophobic, racist or prejudice type of person by BC’s media minions in the TDot media, RaptorsTV & blogosphere?

    Strong words for basketball, buddy, divide and conquer tactics being used on the Rap’s fan base at work making fans subliminally think that they or those who do question the recent draft selection of Jonas are somehow racist, prejudice or xenophobic in their thinking just because BC keeps on making BullChit draft picks of projects with potential and tells the fan base to ‘trust me’ on said draft pick.

    Is this some FBI Cointelpro misinformational operation here?lmfao

    Even my (Societal) conditioning has been conditioned.

    The greatest weapon of BC is the minds of the fans.

    2ndly, you can’t compare AB w/ NBA All Stars like DC or VC as AB has not not and will not be a NBA All Star- as well hustling is part of basketball not just something that Canadian fans embrace if your best player is your hardest worker then everyone else will fall in line- if not you get the current Rap’s situation which includes Jay’s via BC infamous ‘no accountability’ era post Sam.

    Bargnani had 2 double doubles (rebs/points) on the season while both Ed (12) & Amir (11) each had more double doubles than AB plus they play the game the right way- hard.

    Btw- Ed played about half the total game minutes as Bargnani did and still had more total rebounds on the season.

    Plus AB quit on the Rap’s post London- point blank!

    Infamous ABisms:

    Sometimes I get lazy.

    What I do on offense is more complicated that rebounding or defense.

    This is basket ball not reboundball. (or hustleball, or defenseball)

    I am a PF not a center. (7’1 250 pound Andrea end of season presser)

    Coach I got the flu (again- flu shot anyone?) I can’t go tonight coach.

    AB has been coddled by BC, Gheradini & Jay into a lethargic half ass indifferent basketball snob who plays like the dirty work is for peasants not King Barg’s aka The Pope aka Lazy Moo’fer 5 years after the fact of his acquisition.

    I like Val as a person from what I have heard from him he seems like a likable kid but what I don’t like is him as the Rap’s 2011 1st round draft pick and the fact that this kid is a project with potential- 5 years?, not a ready to go NBA player from day 1 no matter where he is from.

    Also, Casey has described Val as being both a 4 & a 5- currently a 4 that they hope will grow into a legit NBA 5, and I read a recent interview that Val gave where he said that that he’s just 6’9 w/o shoes.

    Time will tell with Val but do we hard earned cash ticket/merchandise buying Rap’s fans have time to wait after the past 2 3/4 seasons under BC & Jay post Sam?

  11. We, the fans of the Rap’s who spend our hard earned money, time and energy supporting TDot basketball want a real NBA team to support not a feel real NBA team that is more like a NBA experimental International team for Stern’s future expansion plans into Europe for the NBA.

    If BC is going to promote a ‘rebuild’ then he should cut ticket prices in half until the Rap’s are a competitive team especially after the past 2 3/4 seasons that we Rap’s fans have collectively suffered through post Sam.

    As well, BC is currently building the Rap’s around the lethargic AB- wake up Rap’s fans that’s a disaster flick waiting to happen!!

    Bargnani is a ‘CANCER’- yeah I said it, on the Rap’s roster as he keeps the lockerroom divided (JJack, JJohnson, Turk, Rasho, AWright) due to his preferential treatment from BC, Gheradini & Jay in the face of his lackadaisical & inconsistent on court efforts.

    Does anyone believe that if Amir- who is not 7’1 & 250 pounds, was forced to start as the Rap’s center that he would b*tch & cry in a season ending presser saying that he is a PF not a center? Or would Amir suck it up and go to battle as long as he had teammates like Ed, JJ, DD, Reggie & Joey battling with him in the paint?

    BC is now going to move AB to PF (not potentially trade him like he made alot of us fans believe in the Rap’s season ending presser) in all his arrogance- pissing on fans calling it rainwater, potentially costing either Ed or Amir playing time or a future roster spot- has not AB been floating on both offense & defense no matter if he’s the center or not?

    Weren’t Ed/Amir/Reggie or whomever AB was paired with end up guarding the other Team’s 5 more often than not?

    Moving AB to PF (more cosmetic BullChit from BC) is not going to magically improve his game against more mobile PFs were he loses his speed advantage that he holds against most 5s as he still has to rotate, rebound, defend & hustle as a

    If Val’s drafting meant that Barg’s was on his way out the Rap’s door via a trade (BC has said in the past that he gets offers for AB all the time- well what were/are those offers?) I could feel it a bit more but instead it looks like either Amir or Ed may be traded away (as BC tries to acquire a legit NBA center to pair w/ Barg’s?) in order to accommodate AB’s move to PF and subsequently Jonas’ arrival in the TDot for the 2012-13 NBA season.

    Time will tell.

  12. @ Dan Fritshe

    Wow, that was an amazing psychoanalyzation of the Val draft pick in realtion to the Urban (code word for black) Canadian’s reation to the pick I’m sure every walking stereotype that you so eloquently described feels the very same way (sarcasm)- got the cure for Cancer?

    The American Negro? WTF? Is this the 1960s Civil Rights Movement here? lol

    ‘Gully’? ‘Gangster’? ‘Ghetto’? Are we talking basketball here???

    Even my (Societal) conditioning has been conditioned.

    Media =’s Medium =’s Hypnotizing Minds

    Sir, your post is really sad- really.smdh

  13. Its pretty amazing how you can create an atmosphere where if someoen doesn’t like a certain player/style etc… you can now simply call them “racist”. Oh wait ofcourse not racist “xenophobic”… a word 75% of the people (prior to last thursday) had to look up.

    Simple fact is Raps need more black guys… they are on average faster, stronger and can jump higher. You know it… I know it…. everyone else knows it…. why is it so hard to accept?

    Biyombo wouldn’t have got this same treatment now would he….

  14. @Dan Fritshie

    “teams in the states love their euro imports and embrace the import. they dont have the inferiority issue urban canadian youth have”

    if you believe that you haven’t followed alot of comments regarding Euro ballers on other teams. Canadian basketball fans (and I’m not going to lump them all into one like seem to… narrowing the scope to “urban youth”) are not the only ones to define European players as soft. This isn’t some Canadian thing… its a basketball wide thing.

  15. Rapsfan: The Raptors don’t need better athletes, they need better basketball players. At the moment, we don’t have much of an idea about how good of a basketball player Biyombo is. Over the next year, we’ll start to get that sense about Valanciunas from watching him play in Europe.

    Incidentally, by saying “the Raps need more black guys”, you’ve basically revealed yourself to be part of the group of people I’m referring to. And if you mistakenly think I’m against black players, most of my regular readers know that Amir Johnson is my favorite Raptor, which is why I sponsored his Basketball-Reference page:

  16. While Bargnani shoulders the lion’s share, I do not think that Bargnani is solely responsible for the anti-European sentiment. Darko and Skita played their roles. There have been a few washouts that have come over the pond through the years. For the most part, much of their failures were not talent-related, but preceived effort related. Some of them returned to Europe and simply picked up where they left off.

    With little or no access to Valanciunas other than what the Internet can provide, to say that the Raptor fanbase should just relax and let Valanciunas develop is asking a lot.

    Which brings me to another point – I don’t necessarily believe that fans are disappointed with the Valanciunas pick based on an erroneous belief that he is weak or soft or “not hockey enough”. I think the disappointment stems from a growing distrust of management’s ability to evaluate European talent and project their skills into NBA success.

    Remember, this was a Top 5 pick, received after a very long season of inconsistency. Fans rightfully expected to be rewarded for their long slog. Valanciunas… or more accurately, the promise of Valanciunas in the future… didn’t sound like a reward in the same way Knight or Walker would have. It sounded more like Colangelo asserting that he knows best, based on the same assumptions and principles of talent evaluation that got us into this mess in the first place.

    I hope I’m wrong and that Valanciunas is what Colangelo and Co. expect him to be. But I have also learned enough along the way to not just accept BC’s assertions regarding the future value of his hand-picked, Euro-trained players. We are all rightfully skeptical and if that skepticism is too much for young Valanciunas, then maybe he should not have been the pick. That skepticism is no secret in Raptor circles and BC is not that tone deaf (is he?)

  17. When your drafting a player you should look at character and chemistry as well as stats, this is something that the Raptors management failed to realize=Mass frustration.

    The Raptors brass said BEFORE the draft we are gunna get the best player availiable. Then AFTERWARDS they said we drafted out of team need.
    That could be bad considering there were some PG studs availiable.

    Scott, when was the last time the Raptors drafted a point guard?

    Some of the frustration comes form the stance of, “Who are we building a team around now with this pick?-Bargnani? So he can play the 5?” Thats a scary prospect Scott.
    I don’t care where he’s from, I want a team. Oh and BTW the Raptors are is desperate need of an on court leader. Is Jonas that leader? Thats frustrating.

    It doesn’t matter how good this kid is, If he fails to mesh well with the team the Raps will still lose.
    Gheradini had a big influence on that pick-he has been scouting this kid forever. Gheradini is a slug, he knows nothing about winning in the NBA and yes, he does need to go.(This is not to say Jonas won’t be good he’s just not good for our team right now)

    @Dan Fritshe:”only urban basketball fans in toronto are up in arms”-This is inaccurate, as evidenced by several white media writers that were upset/surprised. The only thing thats sad really is that you still use the term, American negro.

  18. this is a thinly veiled ad hominen attack against those who understand that integrating euro-league players into the nba game does not always result in the same levels of performance in the players that come to the North Amercian game.

  19. I don’t think people are actually xenophobic, but I do believe they get a little careless with their language sometimes. When the “euros” on our team end up sucking, we end up calling the euros terrible as a generalization, overlooking the fact that euros also defines a people-group who for the most part have little to do with the terrible players on our team who happen to be European.

    Of course, part of this could just be the result of years of Don Cherry calling every European to play hockey a diving softie.

  20. It’s kind of funny in a way…I can’t stand that poster with the handle “CDG” because he seems to always infer racism of the anti-Euro/anti-white variety when posters constantly criticize the European players on the Raptors (Bargs especially, of course). My response is always, just because the Euros on this team happen to suck and/or are not worth their contracts, doesn’t mean most Raps fans are against all Euros/white players. Give me Nowitzki, Nash, Ginobli, etc. any time of the day.

    And now I find myself saying pretty much the same thing to fans spewing the explicitly anti-Euro vitriol in response to this draft pick. Just because the Euros on this team are not good/worth their contract/soft etc., doesn’t mean all Euros are like that. But really, if you don’t know that, and you figure Russians are all the same or that Russians and Italians and the French are all the same, or you can’t recognize the difference between Hedo and Batum and Pietrus, or Gasol and Bargs, Tony Parker and Calderon, etc., well, you’re a bleeping idiot and an insult to the stereotype of Canadians who should know better.

    BTW, I don’t think Scott’s post is addressed to people with legitimate concerns about drafting JV. But there are plenty of people posting perfectly transparent, prejudiced criticism of all Euros.

  21. I see in this case that regardless of the players being America or Euro, the Raptors’ management, scouting, and coaching have really taken a nose-dive since TJ Ford got injured. It does not matter too much on what us fans say, but it really matters most on the odd personnel & lineup decisions and philosophies put into place for the team.

    BCo better have a plan in place before his contract expires. I hate losing, but we all know the 2012 draft is a key goal for this franchise to reap as much gold from. What we want this (possible) coming is this team to play hard and aggressive on both ends of the floor, winning or losing.

    My knee jerk reaction to JV was “F*****!”, but the only benefit of a doubt that went through my mind was if JV is a player that will leave the gym last?

  22. “Incidentally, by saying “the Raps need more black guys”, you’ve basically revealed yourself to be part of the group of people I’m referring to.”

    am I Mr. Carefoot? Maybe you need to read my post again. Maybe you should read your post again. Does white now mean Euro, or Euro white?

    Curious…. while also disappointing you can’t appreciate my post unfortunately.

    “At the moment, we don’t have much of an idea about how good of a basketball player Biyombo is”

    Nor do we Val. Or Irving. Or Kanter. All we know is how good they are in their previous situations which are not in the NBA.

    Oh not really as relevant but:

    “And if you mistakenly think I’m against black players, most of my regular readers know that Amir Johnson is my favorite Raptor”

    Jose Calderon is my favorite Raptor… does that mean if I don’t want any more white players or Euros I’m neither racist or xenophobic?

  23. For those who would loved to see yesterday’s games U19 US-Lithuania:

    It takes just a few minutes to download. Go ahead, good luck! ;)

  24. @ ThatPatty

    That was a great post!

    Excellent break down of what alot of Rap’s fans are feeling about this pick after going through last season’s 22 wins with the Rap’s and promised a high lottery pick/player as a pacifying mechanism we didn’t get a the prize we got a condescending ‘trust me’ from a know it all Ivy League snob- BC, while KWaker, BKnight & KLeonard all were left on the board at #5.

    I wouldn’t have liked the Bismack pick either (he was #2 on BC’s draft board behind Val) he has bust written all over him for a #7 (or #5) draft pick.

    Ben Wallace, whom experts compare BB to, went undrafted and was motivated to make it in the NBA he didn’t have the BB media hype ie hypnotizing minds, tp ride into the NBA.

    This is basketball not a tall contest but alot of GM always go size over talent drafting for need over talent as we apparently did this draft if you read, heard Casey’s quote on the Val selection saying just that.

  25. @ tonious35

    Your 1st reaction is usually your truest as I felt the same way as I was waiting to hear Leonard, Knight (who I didn’t want) or Walker’s name called but was like WTF when Stern announced Jonas’ name- another project with potential with buyout issues (since resolved).

    The recent media onslaught: TDot sports reporters-Doug Smith/Chisholm, RaptorsTV (Matt, Jack, Leo, David Amber, Sherm, Jonesy, Akil, Eric Smith), Blogosphere- (RR, RealGM, RaptorSpace, RaptorsForum, Hoopshype, TSN, TheScore, SportsNet, etc)- organized by BC to defend his drafting of Val is pure Political Campaigning 101- pr spins in the wind image over reality where the truth is the only casualty while you accuse those who disagree with you as being immoral (racist, prejudice, xenophobic).

    BC stays pissing on cash paying Rap’s fans and calling it rainwater and sh*tting on Rap’s fans and calling it Kobe Steak- add sugar, water and stir…

    The BC ‘CON’sensus is a cult just listen to Casey regurgitate all of BC’s holy Bargnani talking points in any interview- Casey has been brainwashed!lol

  26. TJ: Why is it necessary for the Raptors to draft a point guard? Jerryd Bayless was a 2008 draft pick who will be 23 years old next season and he might prove to be a better NBA point guard than anyone in this draft with the likely exception of Kyrie Irving. Too many Raptors fans have forgotten how strongly Bayless finished last season — he averaged 22.5 points and 5.6 assists on 48.3 percent shooting in his last 8 games of the 2010-11 season. It’s a small sample, obviously, but it’s pretty damn intriguing. There’s a reason he was a lottery pick in 2008 and he’s no less of a “pure point guard” than Brandon Knight appears to be.

  27. BC might as well rename the Franchise as the ‘Toronto Bargnanis’ as much as he caters to Bargnani’s (aka Spoiled Brat) every need over the betterment of the Franchise right in front of the fans collective eyes.

  28. This is probably a bad idea, but here goes…

    BCGheradiniJayGots2Go: You are aware that Colangelo called out Bargnani for his poor rebounding and defense after last season, right? I’m not going to argue that he didn’t coddle Bargnani in the past, but I’m fairly confident that won’t be the case going forward. There is plenty of evidence that several other GMs highly coveted Valanciunas and that he could prove to be the best center to come out of this draft. If you honestly believe you know everything Colangelo is thinking and that every move he makes is designed mostly to benefit Bargnani, I suggest you a.) Stop torturing yourself by rooting for this team and b.) Seek professional help.

  29. @ Scott Carefoot

    Everything I post for the most part is my opinion nothing more, nothing less and past behavior is the greatest indicator of future behavior as a Tiger can’t change his stripes nor can BC, Gheradini & Jay stop coddling AB as BC has his ego invested into seeing AB make it as a top level NBA player ie 21 ppg on 17.8 shots per game (CB never averaged 17.8 shots per game as a Raptor) whether or not you are ‘fairly confident’ it won’t be the case moving

    The rest of your post- time will tell, I’m not drinking the Val kool aid (add sugar, water & stir) until I see him play against NBA players- point blank, patience is for waiting rooms not the NBA!

    Is BC giving fans a ticket price break until Val develops? Btw- isn’t the D League for player development?

    I suggest you worry about yourself- mirror check my overly pretentious friend.

    It’s funny how I attack BC and the current Raptors basketball situation then some misguided people make personal attacks against me- wow, no wonder BC keeps getting over on a large segment of the fan base.lmfao@u

  30. Why do the Raptors need to draft a point guard?

    Scott its because the PG is the quarterback of your team.

    You think Bayless is a good point guard leader/quarterback? Are you serious?
    Your stats for Bayless didn’t include turnovers. They also didn’t include the times he hogged the ball. Personally, I wouldn’t want Bayless starting more than 30 games for my team.

    Wouldn’t you agree that the PG position right now has the most impact on the game?Eg-Wade, Rose, Westbrook, Nash…. With the rules in the NBA you can’t lay a finger on a PG. Drafting PGs=speed.

    I hope you’re right and he leads the team, gets everyone involved and is the best young point guard in the NBA.

    BTW, if the name Brandon Knight doesn’t haunt the Raptor’s dreams and Bayless emerges as a better player, Ill buy you a beer sometime.


  31. BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!
    You are good at hating, especially anyone who dares to disagree with you. Don’t let anything dissuade from a good hate. Of course, one must ask, “Why are you following the Raptors?”

  32. @ Dick Spackman


    I voice my opinion- you are free to do the same- isn’t that what a forum is for to post one thoughts about said related forum particular in this case Raptors basketball- recognize Dick.

    Dick, you sound like one of these conditioned people who believes that everyone who thinks differently is a hater- get real save that drama for ya momma- really now don’t be silly now stop stressin’ and learn a lesson.

  33. @ TJ

    We should already know what JBayless brings to the table as he should have been starting for the Rap’s post All Star break since the Rap’s were already going no where fast in a so called ‘rebuild’ season.

    But there was Jay via BC trotting out an injured Jose to start late in the season for whatever reason(s) instead of taking advantage of the rebuild to play JBayless as the pg starter to get a read on what he brings in consistency to the pg position over a larger sample of in season games.

    Instead we currently have as many questions about JBayless’ on court game as when BC acquired him from the Hornets using a portion of the CB TPE.

    As well, I agree that the pg is the quarterback of the team as he needs to lead with confidence as a coach on the floor while at the same controlling the flow of the game as he gets everyone involved sounds alot like potentially what Kemba ‘Dime’ Walker will bring to the Bobcats.

    We still need a young veteran pg like Aaron Brooks to lead this team in my mind as the most recent successful Rap’s teams had speedster TJ at the pg position and slowpoke Jose aka PG Controversy just hasn’t gotten the job done lately post Sam.

    I feel that both Knight & Walker will have very solid if not so spectacular NBA careers at the pg. Walker may be the steal of the draft at #9 looking back on it in a few years.

  34. Scott says:
    “Thus, Jonas Valanciunas is faced with a segment of Raptors fans who not only doubt his ability to succeed in the NBA, but appear to be actively rooting against him to succeed based on their twisted need to feed the righteousness of their prejudices”.

    And this is the real point: people daily rooting against their own players!
    Haters just do that: almost every single players has his own flaws, but they are mainly forgiven by their fans, just because they’re part of the team they root for.
    If I had to say something to Bargs, I’d say “You are a jerk, boy, cause you like to stay and live in a place where most of the people, right or wrong, hate you. Go to your agent and ask for any other destination!”
    Everybody will be happy then.

    PS = Dribbles: sorry, I can’t help. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

  35. Do the Raptors need a point guard? Absolutely.

    Is Bayless the answer? Probably not.

    Was there any point guard in this draft besides Irving who would have been significantly better than Bayless? According to multiple sources before the draft, probably not.

    Result: don’t draft a PG this year, and hope that next year’s draft has more quality available at the PG position.

    My position remains that it didn’t matter who the Raptors drafted because they all sucked after the first two picks, but I hope to be happily surprised.

  36. Do people realize that there’s only going to be a write-off, 40/50-game season this year anyway? Even if JV could play in the NBA this season, the Raps would STILL be wise to keep him in Europe for a season to sit out the lockout.
    Or that this was an exceedingly weak draft where the two big picks were a a 6’8″ tweener forward and a guy who missed all but eight games of his freshman season due to injuries?
    Or that Kemba Walker is essentially a 5’11″ shooting guard while Brandon Knight is a shoot-first point guard who can’t shoot?
    I have NOT swallowed the BC Kool-Aid. Ask Scott. I’ve wanted him, Triano and MG run out of town with pitchforks for some time now. But if ever there was a draft where it was okay to pick a high risk/high reward prospect with buyout issues, this was it.

  37. Every time the 7’1 250 pound Bargnani says that he’s not a Center but a PF BC should force him to watch game tapes of the 6’9 Antonio Davis playing center for the Rap’s……

    By Bargnani being a big ol 7 foot pretty boy sissy he is setting the Rap’s back in years in terms of team development because of his PF fetish.

    I’d just throw Bargnani and Amir/Ed out there o the court and tell AB to guard the PF while Amir/Ed guard the other team’s center which ends up happening anyways just like opposing team’s switch their PF onto Bargnani during games if he’s too fast for their center to stay with.

    That being said all this talk about Bargnani being a PF not a Center are just some BullChit semantics in order to rationalize his lazy ass in game efforts from BC & Gheradini. The only thing consistent about Bargnani is that he’s inconsistent.

  38. All the blames are due to bargnani.

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