Jonas Valanciunas and Bryan Colangelo

In the excitement and surprise of the Raptors drafting Jonas Valanciunas last Thursday, Holly MacKenzie and I decided to throw together a podcast to talk about the pick and we got Raptors Senior Director of Scouting Jim Kelly and blogger Sebastian Pruiti to join us. We talked to Jim about the potential that the Raptors see in Valanciunas that led them to draft him, and Sebastian called in for the second segment to discuss his two recent Jonas-Related blog posts. On Basketball Prospectus, he compares Valanciunas to Tyson Chandler. On NBA Playbook, he explains how a Valanciunas/Bargnani frontcourt could work out for the Raptors.

Click the play button below to listen to the podcast in a stream, or you can download the mp3 directly here. Once the lockout is over and there is actually Raptors news to talk about, we hope to make this a regular show that you can get on iTunes. Exciting, right? Well, it’s exciting for us.

Let us know what you think of this aural exhibition in the comments. We value your feedback, unless you’re a complete jerk about it.

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  1. It’s refreshing to know that Jonas is committed to joining the team as soon as possible. Comparing this to Rubio’s situation, I’m just taking a guess that Rubio didn’t want to join Minnesota in 2009 because of the point guard situation and that Minnesota just sucks in all levels of coaching & management.

  2. If this is the future of Raptorblog, the future is bright. I’m stunned at how well you guys pulled this off…completely natural. Looking forward to more.

  3. Jonas Valanciunas goes for 19 pts, 13 rbs, 5 blks in Lithuania’s 75-88 preliminary round loss to Croatia at the FIBA U19.

  4. Thanks, Matt. I’ve been picking apart my performance and I have some things I want to work on before our next show. But nobody’s pointed out the things that really bothered me about my performance yet, so that’s probably a good sign. To be honest, I thought Holly came off a lot more polished than I did. But hey, not bad for a first effort.

  5. It’s pretty disheartening that everyone just assumes that it’s a foregone conclusion that Bargnani is going to be shorhorned into any conversation about the Raptors future.

  6. PBI: I think it depends on how you define the Raptors “future”. There’s no way the Raptors are making the playoffs next season and they’re actually better off doing poorly next season because of the stacked 2012 draft class. The 2012-13 season is a different story, because I suspect that if the Raptors don’t make the playoffs that season, Colangelo will be finished as GM of this team. In that case, all bets are off for Bargnani’s future with this team.

  7. Great podcast, terrible music. Really informative stuff, but common guys! Was that music really necessary?! (Still gotta end on the positive – great job!)

  8. Brett: I asked the producer to pick some licensed music to bridge the segments that fit the style and format of the show and I thought he did a good job. Let’s face it: No matter what kind of music we use, somebody isn’t going to like it.

  9. pruiti sucks at doing podcasts. one of the best bloggers out there though.

    bargnani played sf/pf back then, never was a centre.

  10. Is it me or was I the only one jumping for joy when the Raptors selected this guy? Does anyone read draftexpress or or any draft websites?

    People have to educate themselves before getting attached to a particular prospect.

  11. I’m with Brett. Great podcast, but that music hurt my ears.

  12. Scott: Just the fact that you guys were even discussing how Bargnani could play with Valanciunas down the road (even as a hypothetical to prove a point about Valanciunas’ future as a defender) bums me out.

    I know, I’m crazy.

  13. Positives: I thought you were good Scott. Holly was equally good. (and on a side note, OMG I love her voice). Over all a great job. It was a little long for me. Maybe do more frequent 20 minute pod casts?

    Negatives: The music for sure. Wow. Bad. Bad. Bad.

    I’m actually surprised to hear both you and Holly didn’t have Jonas on your draft radar. To me, it was clearly going to be Kanter or Jonas IF they had a shot at either of them.

  14. I must have bad taste because I actually liked the music. I didn’t pick it but I asked the producer to pick some hip hop sounds from our licensed collection and I thought the samples he chose were appropriate.

    Since we need music clips to bridge the segments and we can’t use unlicensed songs, help me out here. Is it the genre you don’t like? Should we move away from hip hop to a different style? Should we stick with the genre but use something more low-key? I don’t want the music to be a distraction so hopefully those of you who had a problem with it can help us pick something that won’t irritate you.

  15. Valanciunas just had an efficient outing against Canada at U19 tourney:

    14 minutes, 15 pts, 9 reb, 4 blocks (and amazingly) 5 fouls. Lithuania blocked 13 shots in the game to only 2 for Canada

    Someone get Kevin Pangos’ scouting report.

  16. Here if you want to do a little JonasTracking during this tourney:

  17. Off topic. If the whole NBA season is lost how is next seasons Draft determined? Im guessing it would be the same as this season with the Raps being 3rd last.

  18. At U19′s Jonas @ 19ppg and 13rpg and 3.5bpg with Lithuania at 3-1 after 4 games. Tuesday July 5 US vs Lithuania should be a fun game to see.

  19. David: The NBA hasn’t officially declared how they’ll handle the 2012 draft lottery if the 2011-12 season is cancelled. Here’s some text from speculating on this topic:

    “The NHL canceled the 2004-05 season; they faced the same dilemma the NBA might face in accordance to the 2012 draft. The NHL decided that instead of making the picks the exact same as the year before, they had a weighted lottery for all 30 teams, rather than standard 14 teams that missed the play-offs.

    The NHL gave 3 lottery balls to teams that had missed the play-offs and not won a first overall pick during the last 4 seasons. If the NBA were to use this same method, it would give these teams 3 lottery balls:

    Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets

    From there, the NHL got REALLY tricky. They supposedly gave 2 lottery balls to teams that met ONE of the above 7 criteria (Missing the playoffs the past 3 seasons or not winning the first pick in the draft). The rest received one. I would suggest giving every team that missed the playoffs the previous year one lottery combination. Then, give the rest of the teams’ one lottery ball.

    To mimic the NHL draft, they would than do this throughout 30 picks. If they used this method, it would mean the 5 teams that met all 7 criteria would have a 6.1% chance at the first pick. The other lottery teams would have a 4.1% chance, and the rest of the teams would have a 2% chance.

    The major issue that might arise is of course that the Bulls, Spurs and Heat would have the same chances as the Pacers, Sixers and Hornets. To combat this, the NHL made the 2005 a snake draft, which meant that the team that had the last pick in the first round had the first pick in the second round, and so on. Well, in a 7 round draft, this makes a lot more sense than the NBA’s two rounds. The fact is, NBA draft picks in the first round mean a lot more than in other sports.

    While the NHL did it until they had a team for all 30 picks, I would suggest only having it until all of the previous year’s lottery teams were extinguished. Then, go by 2010 record from that point forward. I realize this may be a complex explanation, but I believe this is the fairest way for the lottery being held after the season. It has to be weighted in some way, and I believe that fringe playoff teams should at least have the opportunity to move up in the draft. This way would be complicated, as the NHL’s was in 2005, but I think it is the most logical. That being said, there is of course the ultimate hope that the season takes place so we do not have to deal with this mess!”

  20. Hip hop ain’t all bad, I’d just say tone it down a bit. No need to get amped up for a podcast discussing the Raptors, you know? Something a bit more jazzy and less in your face, I guess. :)

  21. I love the pick of Jonas Valanciunas, I just don’t understand if the Raptors think Andrea Bargnani is the starting PF, over Ed Davis. I personally feel that Ed is more of the player the Raptors need over Bargnani.

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