Jonas Valanciunas and Bryan Colangelo

In the excitement and surprise of the Raptors drafting Jonas Valanciunas last Thursday, Holly MacKenzie and I decided to throw together a podcast to talk about the pick and we got Raptors Senior Director of Scouting Jim Kelly and blogger Sebastian Pruiti to join us. We talked to Jim about the potential that the Raptors see in Valanciunas that led them to draft him, and Sebastian called in for the second segment to discuss his two recent Jonas-Related blog posts. On Basketball Prospectus, he compares Valanciunas to Tyson Chandler. On NBA Playbook, he explains how a Valanciunas/Bargnani frontcourt could work out for the Raptors.

Click the play button below to listen to the podcast in a stream, or you can download the mp3 directly here. Once the lockout is over and there is actually Raptors news to talk about, we hope to make this a regular show that you can get on iTunes. Exciting, right? Well, it’s exciting for us.

Let us know what you think of this aural exhibition in the comments. We value your feedback, unless you’re a complete jerk about it.