You might remember an in-depth Q&A I did with Julian Wright shortly before the season began last September. One thing he mentioned in the interview was his passion for singing, writing and recording music. While it was a whirlwind season for Wright and the Raptors, now that we’ve got the dreaded lockout upon us, Wright has some extra time to devote to his other passion and has also taken to Tumblr to share it with the world.

While I’ve heard a few of Wright’s tracks and can confirm he indeed has a voice made for singing, his Tumblr is pretty interesting, if only to be reminded that we try to box athletes in way too often. They’re people with varied interests and abilities just like the rest of us. Let’s allow them to enjoy more than just basketball, yeah?

If you want to check out Wright’s thoughts, you can find them here.

A piece that stuck out for me:

I hope we (especially us Americans) aren’t too naive to think that most successful people don’t or haven’t dibbled and dabbled into many things and interests. For all of the up and coming high schoolers, college students, and even parents, we are living in a world where it has been the most competitive ever (check how we stack up against other nations when it comes to education..) so I advise everyone to not limit themselves and be multi-talented and multi-skilled because it just might be the thing that will set you apart from another person. Most politicians (their most famous job title) are actually businessmen/businesswomen and do other things. Rappers and singer are now also getting their feet wet with acting. Let’s not even talk about entrepreneurs who have many “SIDE HUSTLE” so that is what we must do and get out of the mindset of just excelling at one thing. Yes, work hard and have a backbone, but keep that zest for acquiring knowledge on your own and not because of a textbook that you had to haul down the hallway or carry up a hill for class. You only have one life to live.. Why not conquer any and everything that you may have set out to do at some point(s) in your life?!

Wherever Wright will be next season –whenever next season begins <insert loud sigh here>– I enjoyed getting to know him this past season because he challenged the stereotypes that befell professional athletes everywhere.