You may recall a post from a few months ago where Kevin Pelton had written that the Raptors were last in the league in payroll efficiency. Basically, they didn’t have very many wins in comparison to the total number of dollars on their payroll. Today, we have a post from Arturo Galletti over at Wages of Wins, that shall infuriate you a little more.

According to Galletti, Andrea Bargnani is the second most overpaid player in the league. Nestled between Michael Redd and Yao Ming, Bargnani’s wins produced value is -6 according to the study, worst in the NBA. The next worse  wins produced value is Darko Milicic’s at -2.8. What’s more? Each of the top seven players on the overpaid list outside of Bargnani were seriously injured or traded during the season.

Think about that: Redd played 134 minutes this season while Yao logged 91 minutes. Bargnani? A cool 2,353 minutes. Too cool for his own good, apparently.

Wondering how things broke down so they knew where to place each player? From Galletti:

The skinny before we go. We take the league payroll (around $1.9 billion) and divide it by the number of available wins (1230) to get an average win value ($1.58 million). We then credit a player the “market value” for each Win Produced and subtract their salary to see if they were worth the cash.

By this breakdown, the Raptors came in 27th in the league in terms of the dollars spent in comparison to the wins produced.

In my earlier post on Jonas Valanciunas, I said we wouldn’t needlessly throw Andrea Bargnani under the bus –and we won’t– but what happens when we’re looking at information like this? It’s not pretty, that’s for sure.

Somehow, this doesn’t entirely shock me. And at the exact same time, it blows my mind.

As I said this morning, there’s plenty of room aboard the bandwagon for #TeamJonas.

Seriously though, this is where I hope in earnest that this is the season Bargnani puts the pieces together. He’s too talented to not, right? Okay, maybe not. If Toronto fans know anything, they know that talent and potential don’t mean anything without heart. Come on, Bargnani. If not now, when?