What does an MVP and gold-medal winner wear post-celebration after the U19 championship? Cargo jorts. Why? Because he can.

After dominating his competition at the U19 championship, Jonas Valanciunas just wanted to chill. And party a little bit, too.  @DraftExpress tweeted that after the gold-medal game he responded to a reporter’s question about his NBA prep by saying he was focusing on celebrating for the time being. Today, thanks to Twitter, we get this awesome photo of Valanciunas at the team hotel post-celebration. Yeah, his tired eyes show the fun that was had celebrating his latest success. The sleek-suited guy posing with Valanciunas is Twitter user (and huge basketball fan) @Hugsis, who said Valanciunas was very cool and pleasant to interact with.

* Of note: The legal drinking age in Latvia and Lithuania is 18, so Valanciunas is in the clear.