The National Lockout Association released its theoretical 2011-12 schedule today. The regular season is supposed to start on November 1 with a fun trio of games including Bulls vs. Mavericks, Rockets vs. Jazz and Thunder vs. Lakers. That would be a fun opening night if I thought there was a decent chance we won’t miss any games, which I don’t.

Here is the Raptors’ 2011-12 schedule. They’re scheduled to open at home against the Sixers on November 2 and then take on the Cavaliers and Timberwolves on the road. I smell a three-game winning streak right out of the gate! Of course, the Raptors are subsequently booked to face the defending champion Mavericks in Toronto — I expect that Mark Cuban will have fully detoxed from his summer of celebrating by that point.

Thirteen of the Raptors’ first 22 games are on the road, and 13 of those 22 games are against teams that had a .500 or better record last season. What a screw job!!!!1. Meh, not really. Anyway, here are a few noteworthy dates on the schedule.

- November 23-29: Deadly four game stretch against the Celtics, Heat, Magic and Celtics again — and the first three games are on the road.

- February 22: Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and the Cavliers come to the Air Canada Centre.

- March 21 to April 3: Seven-game homestand that could potentially provide a chance for a playoff push, except for the fact that four of the first five games are against the Celtics, Bulls, Magic and Nuggets

And that’s about all the “analysis” I’m willing to provide about this right now. Look, let’s just agree that it’s extremely silly to read too much into this schedule because it’s almost certainly not what the actual schedule for the Raptors will be if there’s any basketball at all this season. If you’re feeling even remotely optimistic about the chances of there being even a shortened version of a season, look to early February for a possible return to action — that’s when the 1999 post-lockout season kicked off, before they proceeded to cram a 50-game season into three months.

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