With less and less to talk about in the dog days of summer in the midst of an ugly NBA lockout, ESPN provides us with a meaningless yet entertaining enough list, ranking NBA players from 1-500.

Only numbers 500-391 have been revealed thus far, but as you can imagine with a 60-loss team like Toronto, Raptors are popping up on the list already…three times to be exact.

What’s important to note about the list is that players who have signed overseas were not included, nor were 2011 draft picks who aren’t expected to play if there is a 2011-2012 season.

For the Raps, that eliminates the possibility of seeing Sonny Weems or fan-favourite Jonas “Rambo” Valanciunas on the list.

According to ESPN, 91 experts rated every player on a scale of 0-to-10, based on what they refer to as “the current quality of each player,” whatever that means.

Anyways, the worst of the worst Raptors, in 91 “experts’” opinions, are Solomon Alabi (497th), Alexis Ajinca (416th) and Joey Dorsey (406th).

It’s hard to argue with any of these Raptors rankings, and I was pleased to see that Dorsey was ranked ahead of Ajinca and amused to see that according to experts, Solomon Alabi is only three players worse than Eddy Curry.

While it seems awful to have three eligible players in the bottom 100, it’s really not that bad. Many other teams have at least three players in the bottom 100 as well, with seven teams, including the Blazers, Hawks, Thunder and Magic, actually having more than three players appear on the current list.

The NBA, where amazing happens.

The Toronto Raptors, where “our worst players can compete with your worst players” happens.

GO team!

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  1. I kept telling people Alabi was a steal where they drafted him. Maybe I am going to look foolish. Who knows though, maybe Dwayne Casey will make him the defensive stopper I was hoping for.

  2. Quite a misleading title. With 30 teams, on average every team would have 3 players in the bottom 100. This says nothing about the overall quality of the team since even the best teams (CHI, DAL, SA, etc) would have terrible bench warmers that fall in this section, eg. Pittman, Mahinmi, scalabrine

  3. First of all, it’s unfair to put Alabi in that list considering the fact that Alabi did not even play for most of the season. I think he only played 5 games total. Alexis Ajinca is not that terrible. he had a rather decent season playing for the Raptors–4.8 points, 2.3 rebounds in 11 minutes per game. That’s pretty efficient, if you ask me. The same goes for Joey Dorsey. In 43 games, he posted 3 points, 4 boards, shot .523 from the field in just 12 minutes a game. That’s pretty good from an efficiency stand point.

  4. I think the more important metric will be how many Raptors make the Top 50. I suppose DeRozan and Bargnani have an outside shot, but I won’t be shocked if there aren’t any Raptors in the top 50, which is depressing.

  5. I would expect no Raptors in the top 50. The question is will they have four in the 51-100 range?
    I would also be more concerned about the number of players on a team’s roster that don’t merit being ranked at all, than the number in the bottom 100.

    Also, a player like Dorsey has his uses. I wouldn’t be surprised if demonstrably worse players are ranked ahead of him.
    Especially on something as scientific as a 1-10 scale based on “current quality.” That term means absolutely nothing. To one voter it could mean scoring, another it could mean defense, and another all-around play. We don’t know.
    This list is total garbage.

  6. lexomatic: I’m a Dorsey fan. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’d like the Raptors to re-sign him and let Reggie go, but I suspect that won’t happen.

  7. “….fan-favourite Jonas “Rambo” Valanciunas”…



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