Some of you might have spent your Saturday evening in the same glamorous fashion that I did: Camped out on the couch with a can of Coke beside me, eating a burger and fries while I watched Capital Punishment, aka the Drew League boys taking on the Goodman League boys. Yeah? No? Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

While the game was a ton of fun if you’re into street/pick up ball (not a lot of D, lots and lots of O and shot selection that can make you cringe, cry and then laugh all within the span of seven seconds), Twitter OG @Jose3030 was in attendance and he had his photographer hat on. While he snapped a bunch of amazing shots (check the Flickr album, there are some beauties of Kevin Durant dunking), I thought I’d post the ones he grabbed of DeMar DeRozan.

DeRozan had a pretty quiet game. We can’t find a box score for the affair, but do know that Durant finished with 44, Brandon Jennings with 34 and that the Goodman League took the 135-134 victory after Durant made his free throws and Jennings and James Harden both missed jumpers in the final seconds of the game.

After the game, DeRozan took to his Twitter account to tweet: The @drewleague came a long way & I’m glad to be apart of the bball movement with everything. Much respect!

DeRozan getting his Dwyane Wade pregame routine on.

going in for a dunk (attempt…don't think this one was completed).

another angle

looking on during a break in the action

we're approaching the beginning stage of DeRozan having a fro to fear. Exciting.

While the game was lots of fun to watch, and another example of guys just wanting to ball, it was also depressing to know it’s going to be awhile before we get any legit NBA games to cover. Small consolation: The two leagues are already talking about a rematch in L.A., tentatively slated for September. Who is in for a trip to Cali?

P.S. Love those uniforms. Also, check out DeRozan’s shoes. So clean.