While we’ve all been dialed in on Lithuania and Jonas Valanciunas, Andrea Bargnani has been growing out a beard and doing some things. For example:

Yes. I’m as pleasantly surprised as you. Bargs throwing it down on Boris Diaw. Bargnani continued to play well for Italy, finishing with a game-high 22 points to go with five rebounds, an assist and a blocked shot. Unfortunately for Bargnani, Italy ended up losing the game against France, 91-84. Still, an aggressive Bargnani is always a beautiful sight for Raptors fans. #FearTheBeard Bargnani style. It works.

(h/t to @outsidethenba for the sweet vid)

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  1. A little something for those Magfo haters!!! I love it.

  2. Hey blogger girl, I’ve heard Bargs girlfriend is muslim, you think she may have converted him? Hence the beard?!

  3. NBA defenders dont bite on that shot fake anymore.

  4. “NBA defenders dont bite on that shot fake anymore.”
    Umm… Raptorman? The guy he pump faked out of his pants is one of the NBA’s better defenders. Joakim Noah. Boris Diaw, the guy with the ball marks stamped on his face, also in the NBA. So… Yeah… Gonna need you to go ahead and stop posting any further comments on the Internet… Mmkay?

  5. that was by the far the best move bargs has ever done. its not likely, but hopefully his domination in euroleague will boost his confidence enough to carry over for a full NBA season.

  6. *Sigh* Being ripped by keyboard cowboys is nothing new for me. Maybe you should rip Noah for lunging and leaving his feet while a 7-footer attemps a jump shot? Naw. That wont make you feel superior. I’ll never post on the internets again. *sob*

    ps. Why does Bargs look like a world killer every offseason?

  7. Aggressive would be him sticking his butt in the post and muscling in some points and boards. Standing at the 3 pt line, and driving through a mostly-open key is hardly what we need Bargnani to do.

  8. Why is everyone surprised about this? He pulls off one like this every 10 or so games. Of course offense has never been his problem, has it?

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