Since when did this happen?

Or did it even happen at all?

On Wednesday night, devoted Raptors and RaptorBlog fan Monique Lawrence posted an NBA 2k12 trailer on my facebook wall. What she wanted me to see was a possible new court design for the Raptors and the Air Canada Centre.

As you can slightly see at around the 0:24 second mark in the video, that is not the same court the Raptors finished the 2010-2011 season on.

The court we’ve become accustomed to over the last couple of years has a simple dark red claw outlined by a red circle at centre court. This new look has a white claw inside of a solid, lighter red circle inside of a white circle inside of a black circle. Also, the last time we saw it, the court’s key/paint area was plain wood with only the outer edges painted red. As you can see above, the new court looks to have solid red keys. Again, the red used in the game trailer is much lighter than the red currently painted on the Raptors’ court.

I think it would be quite out of the ordinary for an officially licensed NBA video game to randomly change a team’s court appearance unless they were told of an actual court-change in reality, which leads me to the conclusion that this is what the ACC court will look like whenever we get back to watching NBA basketball.

I actually like this design. It has just enough colour to be engaging and unique without looking like an all-out mickey mouse school court. I’m cool with it as long as they finally stick with something long term and don’t go too crazy with colour.

So, what’s your take on the possible new design? Do you think we simply have way too much time on our hands and are reading too much into a split-second of a game trailer?

Or do you think it’s legit, and if so, how do you feel about the more colourful look?

Yup, the NBA Lockout, where filling blog space with anything you can find happens.

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