One-on-one with Ed Stefanski

TheScore reporter Glenn Schiiler talked to the Raptors’ new Executive VP of Basketball Operations, Ed Stefanski, about the Raptors’ young talent and what he thinks will be his day-to-day responsibilities with the team.

Comments (4)

  1. I hope the lockout continues for at least another month, I’m not quite ready for another 20-win season led by Bargnani.

  2. 20 wins might get us into the playoffs this season.

  3. Great news, games cancelled through November.

    After that, I’ll be ready to watch a 15-win team (prorated for shorter schedule) and I look forward to being sold on the upside of mediocre talent.

  4. I liked how Stefanski held out his hand awkwardly for several seconds for a handshake, but never got it.

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