Happy Anniversary

November 3, 2011 doesn’t seem like that important of a day for basketball bloggers.

The NBA is locked (pardon the pun) in its second major labour dispute in 13 years, wiping out at least a month of the regular season and probably more. The two sides won’t meet again until the weekend, so there isn’t much to say about the lockout that hasn’t already been written a thousand times.

The only Raptors-related news we could try to come up with would have to revolve around players playing in Europe and former stars appearing on talk-shows. Heck, the college basketball season hasn’t started, so even if we wanted to, we can’t write prematurely-formulated opinions on Raptors draft targets just yet.

But amidst these dog-days of the empty NBA calendar, boredom allowed me to realize this: Today is the 16th anniversary of the first game in Toronto Raptors history.

I guess, considering we’re RaptorBlog, this might be a big deal.

The Raptors played their first game in franchise history on November 3, 1995 – a 94-79 win over the New Jersey Nets at the SkyDome.

Things have kind of gone down hill since then…for both the Raptors and Oliver Miller.

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