Jonas Valanciunas’ God-like status in Lithuania is getting out of control, and it looks pretty awesome to be him right now.

Here’s some footage of him entering a gym full of kids to a Beatles-esque reception, then having those hundreds of kids swarm him as he playfully pretends to be knocked over by their force (This whole scene is very Rocky 2, when every child in Philadelphia ran with their champion).

Of course, what would Christmas in Lithuania be without Valanciunas partaking in a game of one-on-one with Kalėdų Senelis (that’s Santa Claus for all of us less versed in Lithuanian)?

Jonas proceeds to take jolly old Saint Nick, who has some interesting defensive tactics (I think he’s been working out with Jose), to school in their little game.

And best of all, the real icing on the cake, is that the background music you hear in the video is actually the world famous hip hop song all about, you guessed it, Jonas Valanciunas.

Imagine the circus that must follow this guy around for every game, every public appearance, virtually everywhere he goes.

It also doesn’t hurt than on top of all the hype, he’s a pretty darn good basketball player, who, if I’m reading these stats correctly, is averaging about 17 and six (I was hoping for more rebounds) on 75 per cent shooting in around 25 minutes per game.

And he’s only 19.