RaptorBlog News and Notes

Once the regular season kicks off on Monday, RaptorBlog will have you covered on most game-days with pre-game threads and post-game recaps. As I had previously mentioned, I’ll recap every Raptors game I see this season, with some rare exceptions throughout the year.

Well, tonight might be one of those exceptions, as the Raptors’ pre-season finale in Boston will not be televised in the Great White North. If I can find a reliable online feed, I’ll have a recap for you to check out either late tonight or tomorrow morning. If not, I’m sure we’ll all survive without my thoughts on a meaningless, non-televised pre-season game.

- As for that game, there will be a couple of changes to the starting lineup tonight. Jerryd Bayless is in for Jose Calderon and Aaron Gray will replace Jamaal Magloire as the starting centre. As the season wears on, I imagine we might see these tweaks from time to time. Dwane Casey has said that he’ll start Bayless once in a while (I’m assuming when Jose is either fatigued or slumping), and as we all know, Magloire is not exactly taylor-made for this exhausting season.

If you want to start a true centre beside Andrea Bargnani and Magloire is out of the question, the choice comes down to Aaron Gray and Solomon Alabi, and we know who’s getting that call 101 times out of 100. Though I won’t lie to you, I’d like to see Alabi given a chance tonight. It might be his only chance to get some burn this entire season. On a negative note, if Alabi ends up with zero minutes played in the team’s only two pre-season games, what does that tell you about Dwane Casey and the coaching staff’s opinion of Alabi as a legit NBA player?

- Another RaptorBlog related note to pass your way: With Scott Carefoot doing a fine job breaking down every NBA team for The Basketball Jones, the unveiling of the No. 8 player in our Ultimate Raptors Rankings will be postponed. The latest it will go up is next Wednesday, so you never know, you might get a double-dip of Ultimate Raptors next week.

- If you’re a Raptors season seat holder, you might want to call in sick tomorrow. There’s a chance your season tickets will be delivered to your door by DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis.

- If you missed the news in Raptors Nation today, the team will wear camouflage this season and Jonas Valanciunas is a Basketball God in Lithuania.

- Not that it should come as a surprise, but ESPN.com unveiled their Eastern Conference preview today, where John Hollinger predicted the Raptors to finish in 13th place with a 19-47 record. That sounds about right, but I’ll post my official prediction for the team in the next few days. I’ll also post a final look at the rotation heading into the regular season.

So, whether there is a recap waiting for you in the morning or not, we will talk somewhere along the line tomorrow.