This rumour is so foolish that I didn’t even want to waste 10 minutes writing about it, but I figured I should at least let everyone know that this nonsense is floating around.

The top “story” right now on, a European ball site affiliated with ESPN’s True Hoop network, is about a reportedly proposed trade (via between the Raptors and Lakers that would see the Raptors acquire Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher in exchange for Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon.

First of all, this trade would go against everything this Raptors season is supposed to be about. You don’t rebuild or build for the future by trading for a 31-year-old with $57 million left on his contract over the next three seasons. Anyone looking at this ridiculous “proposal” and thinking, “great, we rid ourselves of Bargnani and Calderon,” needs to realize that the Raptors would be giving up $62 million in salary over the next four seasons to take on $64 million over the next three years.

A deal of this nature wouldn’t really change Toronto’s financial flexibility, wouldn’t make them much better, if at all, in the present and wouldn’t make them any better in the future.

Hilariously enough, according to a commenter on the BallinEurope report, the “source” of this rumour seems to be a commenter on a previous John Hollinger chat who posted this proposal under the handle “John Hollinger.”

For the record, Hollinger himself has denied any connection to this ridiculous rumour: