released the results of their annual General Manager’s survey on Tuesday, and from a Raptors perspective, there were quite a few interesting responses.

I’m always intrigued by the results of this survey, because after all, these are the men making personnel decisions for the 30 NBA teams, so it’s interesting to see how they view certain players and other teams.

Below, I’ve provided every time a Raptor was named in the results of the survey. Remember that according to, GM’s are not allowed to vote for their own players/coaches, so when you see a Raptor appear in the results in a positive light, it’s not just Bryan Colangelo stuffing the ballot box.

- DeMar DeRozan received a vote for player most likely to have a breakout season. With how DeRozan played in the latter half of last season and the amount of work he was reported to have put in this past summer, this wasn’t a crazy vote, and it looked decent through six games of the shortened season. Since then, not so much.

- Jonas Valanciunas was tied for second (behind Kyrie Irving) with Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams in the “Which rookie will be the best player in five years” category

- Valanciunas also received a vote in the “Which rookie is most likely to be a sleeper success” category and most impressive of all, was the number one vote-getter (with 36 per cent of responding GM’s voting for him) in the “Who is the best international player not in the NBA” category. Looking at the praise other general managers have for Valanciunas and at his performance in Lithuania over the last year, it’s hard to find many people still disappointed in Bryan Colangelo’s draft night selection.

- Andrea Bargnani received 7.4 per cent of the votes (tied for fourth) in the “International player most likely to have a breakout season” category. It’s easy to argue that Bargnani should have received more votes in hindsight, but come on, realistically, I’m guessing no one expected Bargnani’s early season performance outside of Dwane Casey.

- Bargnani also received a vote for “Which player does the most with the least?” This is either a GM who has never really watched Bargnani play and just assumes a big Italian guy has limited natural basketball talents or it’s a GM who misread the question as “Which player does the least with the most?” In another clue that general managers didn’t understand the question, Dwight Howard received a vote. Um, have you seen Dwight Howard? Nothing about him says “least.”

- Speaking of Dwane Casey, how’s this for a shocker? Casey did not receive a vote in the best defensive schemes category, but did receive a vote in the “Which coach runs the best offence” category. I’m thinking a random general manager voted for this after watching the Raptors play the Cavs on opening night.

- Jose Calderon received a vote for best passer in the NBA. Perhaps this bodes well for the sell high mentality I think the Raptors should have with Calderon.

- Anthony Carter received a vote in the “Which active player will make the best head coach someday” category. As if we needed any more proof that Carter is just a reincarnation of Darrick Martin.

- The Raptors received a vote for the team that is most fun to watch. I kid you not. A general manager not named Bryan Colangelo voted your Toronto Raptors the most fun team to watch in the NBA. Can someone check to see if maybe Ed Stefanski got a vote but was listed as 76ers GM? Other teams on this list, in order, were the Heat, Clippers, Thunder, Nuggets, Warriors, Pacers and Timberwolves.