Start time: 3:30 PM ET
Channel: TSN2
Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, James Johnson, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson
Los Angeles: Chauncey Billups, Randy Foye, Ryan Gomes, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan

Injury report

Toronto: Andrea Bargnani and Jerryd Bayless are both questionable for today’s game.

Los Angeles: Chris Paul and Caron Butler are questionable, Eric Bledsoe is out.

I have to be honest. My main interest in this game is whether or not Chris Paul is playing. He’s on my fantasy team and I probably can’t win my head-to-head matchup for the week without him.

The Raptors are taking a seven-game losing streak and a 2-7 away record into a five-game road trip, starting in the City of Angels. If Chris Paul doesn’t play and Andrea Bargnani does, the Raptors have an outside shot at stealing this one. Without Bargnani, this team has the worst offense in the NBA and its defense — while vastly improved — isn’t nearly good enough to compensate for that. Besides, would you really feel good about the Raptors winning an 82-77 game today? What’s the point?

The Clippers sit atop the Pacific Division with an 8-5 record, which isn’t entirely shocking but it’s still rather jarring since it’s the Clippers we’re talking about. Surprisingly, this isn’t even the franchise’s best start to a season in recent years, since they got off to a 14-5 start in 2005-06. Blake Griffin averaged 21.5 points and 15.5 rebounds in two games against the Raptors last season, so I’ll be inerested to see if Amir and Ed can keep him in check this afternoon.

Random thoughts…

  • Have the Clippers picked up any bandwagon celebrity fans now that they’re actually relevant in L.A.? I know the Clippers have had Billy Crystal and Frankie Muniz on board even during the lean seasons, but I’m mildly curious about who we’ll see at the Staples Centre today.
  • This isn’t exactly obscure, but you may have missed it when it originally aired and it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on SNL this season. It’s “flirting expert” Rebecca Larue