While we await the news and results from Andrea Bargnani’s MRI (RaptorBlog will have a post up on Bargnani’s injury some time Thursday evening or Friday morning), I thought I’d pass along this gem of a video to bring you back to simpler times.

Thanks to theScore’s facebook page for reminding us that today is Vince Carter’s 35th birthday. So in the spirit of celebrating “Vinsanity” instead of “Wince-anity” just for one day, here’s Vince Carter jumping around, dancing through the streets and saving cats in old-school Raptors’ purple:

Simpler times, indeed.

First, if this really was Joe Budden rapping (as youtube comments and a couple of our RaptorBlog commenters believe), that’s a pretty big get (at the time) for a simple Raptors-related Nike commercial.

Secondly, the fact that a song dedicated to Vince Carter contained the lyrics “I got my game face on, ready to give back, pronto, Give back to the fans, give back to Toronto” just seems like a sick, cruel joke in hindsight.