After Tuesday night’s excruciating loss to Jeremy Lin and the Knicks, Ed Davis expressed his disappointment in the Toronto crowd for being pro-Lin more than they were pro-Raptors.

He mentioned three things when talking about this. That the fans cheered louder for Lin than they did Toronto’s “stars,” that Lin got a bigger pop from the fans during the announcement of the starting lineups than DeMar DeRozan did and that overall, he was disappointed.

First things first, here’s what Ed Davis and everyone else who’s interpreting what went down last night wrong needs to know. Raptors fans were not cheering against the Raptors, and if they were, it was a very small group. From what I heard and even read, thousands of tickets had been sold as part of Asian Heritage Night at the Air Canada Centre (though they did nothing in the arena to recognize that it was Asian Heritage Night), and those thousands of people weren’t necessarily Raptors fans.

At the end of the day, if someone, or thousands of people paid to be at the ACC to watch this game, were not Raptors fans and were there to support Jeremy Lin, they have every right to cheer and support their cause as anyone else in the building with a Raptors shirt on.

In terms of Davis’ claim that Lin was cheered louder than the Raptors’ stars. Ed, get over your teammates, none of them are “stars.” I’ve grown to like Jose Calderon and think he has been lights out, for the most part, this season, but he is not a star. DeMar DeRozan, with as good a sophomore season as he had and as much potential and athleticism as he possesses, is not a star, not yet anyway. He hasn’t been nearly good enough or consistent enough to be called a star. If Andrea Bargnani was healthy, he would have received a loud ovation. He played like a star this year.

As for Davis’ overall state of disappointment, I’m disappointed in him. Look, I get that emotions were running high after losing the way the team did for the second time in three days and then having to answer questions about how great the guy that just beat you was. But really, Ed, you’re disappointed in the crowd that spent their hard-earned dollars to come and watch a pro basketball game?

How about you be disappointed in yourself for taking a step back this season? How about you be disappointed in your “star” teammate DeMar DeRozan for doing the same thing and not being able to hit a shot, which by the way, might have had the crowd cheering for your team after a win? How about you be disappointed in Jose Calderon for being shut down in the fourth quarter and folding when it mattered most down the stretch, again? Most of all, if you don’t want to throw anyone or yourself under the bus, how about you just express your frustration with your team as whole, who blew a 17-point lead at home and a nine-point lead in the final few minutes?

You don’t let them come back, you don’t have to worry about hearing the thousands of non-Raptors fans in the house cheer for the other guy.

Oh, what’s that you say, it’s usually an unwritten rule that you don’t call out teammates through the media? I’d say it should be an even bigger, written rule that you don’t call out the paying fans.

Ed Davis is a good young piece to have, who I had high hopes for coming into this season and who I still have high hopes for going forward. But in this case, he should have looked in the mirror and around the locker room for disappointment before looking at the crowd.

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  1. Nice post Joseph. Also I might add Toronto fans in general cheer for tough hard working and hustling players. Ed Davis and his boy havent done anything like that this offseason.
    Our young players had a lot of time in their hands this offseason and still came in unprepared. For all the hate chris bosh gets for leaving town, he would improve his skillset every season and worked very hard for his teams success.

  2. Nice piece here. It works both ways. If the Raptors had shut down the Knicks in the 4th like they should have, the cheering would have been for them and a good game played.

    Im actually surprised the fans weren’t booing them for that 4th quarter collapse (at least I dont think they were?). They must have been more focused on the Jeremy Lin comeback instead of realizing how big of a lead the team had given up.

    I agree, I’ve been disappointed with the play of Davis so far this season. The minutes aren’t going to be easy to come by with Casey, as he rewards players who commit defensively. Davis was supposed to be a defensive stopper, and I just haven’t seen very much progression as of now and from when he played last year. I hope that changes, because I thought he was going to develop into a nice replacement for Bosh when they drafted him.

  3. Wow, tell us how you really feel, Joseph.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong on the part of some Raptors being frustrated with the reaction last night. He was being cheered loudly before they melted down so the result of the game wasn’t going to change how the Asian fans reacted.

  4. Asians only care about their own race.

  5. Agreed. Disappointed at the fans who were in the ACC that night. It was disgusting seeing “Raptors fans” cheering for the opposing team. I don’t care how good his story is, he could be playing on one leg. You DO NOT cheer for the other team. Especially a division rival. I understand there will always be a couple of sheep that hop on bandwagons from time to time, but I don’t understand 90% of the 20,000 cheering for the opposing team, no matter what.

    • Meh. It’s still nowhere as bad as this:

      This stuff happens when teams are bad.

      When this team is actually good in a few years, I’ll be happy that I never jumped off the bandwagon.

    • I like the post. It makes a good point. People bought tickets to cheer for Lin; Raptors did not sell the remaining non-season holder ticket. So how can you be disappointed in the fans in attendance when they weren’t raptors fans to start with? From tip-off, they were Lin fans who bought tickets raptors fan didn’t want and cheered rightfully for him.

  6. I think Ed’s blessed to have an NBA career. Besides AB and maybe Jose name me one player on this Raptor’s team that any decent NBA team (say top 15) would trade for. So unless Toronto turns it around or lightning strikes, Ed’s going to being playing for losing NBA teams for the rest of his career. Or like Sony playing in Europe. Over the years the talent (mmmmm) has gone down every year. Matt Bonner was a fan favorite (Red Rocket) and loved the city but of course he was not good enough to play for the Raptor’s. He’s got a ring and is still playing for the Spur’s. It’s that type of talent evaluation and decision making that has got them to the bottom 6 in the league.

  7. Good is good is good … Can’t blame the crowd for recognizing that … Myself I was just jealous the Knicks have a guy who’s been playing for a week and looks like Steve Nash … When do the raptors catch a break like that?

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