We’re back! It’s the new and improved RaptorBlog Radio, with special guest Alvin “Boogie” Williams. He talks about his favorite moments as a Raptor, his thoughts on Vince Carter’s work ethic and what he was like as a teammate, and he gives his views on Jeremy Lin. This is a must-listen for fans of the Raptors’ glory years.

The 2012 lineup for RaptorBlog Radio features seasoned podcast host Drew Fairservice (@DrewGROF) and Joseph Casciaro (@JosephCasciaro). After the conversation with Alvin, Drew, Joseph and I talk about the pressing Raptors topics of the moment. OK, maybe “pressing” is an exaggeration when describing any topics involving the Raptors this season. But this is 32 minutes of good pod, regardless. You can download it directly here, or listen through this player:

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