On Monday night, Chris Broussard of ESPN wrote this: “Lots of teams are calling Toronto about Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors aren’t likely to part with Bargnani, and if they move Calderon, they’ll need to get a point guard in return. That would seem to make a trade for Calderon unlikely.”

I’ll start by saying that if you thought Bryan Colangelo would never consider trading Bargnani before this season, then you have to know it isn’t happening after watching him look like an All Star in a small 13-game sample this year. While I would not advocate trading Bargnani, I think we’d all be intensely interested in knowing what kind of trade value the Italian big man has after his ridiculous start to the season. If you can get intriguing young players with high ceilings and a first round pick, would you consider parting ways with Andrea? I still wouldn’t, unless we’re talking about a significant package of can’t miss prospects, which I highly doubt any executive would actually offer for Bargs.

As for the ongoing Calderon rumours, which will likely continue through the trade deadline and off-season, I don’t believe trading Jose is as necessary as a lot of other Raptors fans believe. If you can get a capable (young) point guard in return, as Broussard hinted the Raptors would want, or a package that involves a top-20 first round pick, I’d be okay with a deal, but I’m not okay with the notion that the Raptors have to simply trade Calderon for the sake of it.

You don’t have to trade a guy who can still be a contributor to your team next season and can manage a young/inexperienced team well from the point guard position. Not to mention, with his recent performance, Calderon’s contract no longer looks like an albatross. Add in the fact that his deal will be an expiring one next year and the fact that the Raps aren’t really limited in cap space going forward , and the rush to capitalize on a Calderon trade doesn’t make much sense to me.

If you can get the right deal, of course you make it, but I’m much more concerned with getting something (heck, even an additional second round pick is better than nothing) in return for Leandro Barbosa’s expiring contract and making a decision on whether to utilize the team’s amnesty clause than I am about finding¬†immediate trade value for Calderon.