On Monday night, Chris Broussard of ESPN wrote this: “Lots of teams are calling Toronto about Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani. The Raptors aren’t likely to part with Bargnani, and if they move Calderon, they’ll need to get a point guard in return. That would seem to make a trade for Calderon unlikely.”

I’ll start by saying that if you thought Bryan Colangelo would never consider trading Bargnani before this season, then you have to know it isn’t happening after watching him look like an All Star in a small 13-game sample this year. While I would not advocate trading Bargnani, I think we’d all be intensely interested in knowing what kind of trade value the Italian big man has after his ridiculous start to the season. If you can get intriguing young players with high ceilings and a first round pick, would you consider parting ways with Andrea? I still wouldn’t, unless we’re talking about a significant package of can’t miss prospects, which I highly doubt any executive would actually offer for Bargs.

As for the ongoing Calderon rumours, which will likely continue through the trade deadline and off-season, I don’t believe trading Jose is as necessary as a lot of other Raptors fans believe. If you can get a capable (young) point guard in return, as Broussard hinted the Raptors would want, or a package that involves a top-20 first round pick, I’d be okay with a deal, but I’m not okay with the notion that the Raptors have to simply trade Calderon for the sake of it.

You don’t have to trade a guy who can still be a contributor to your team next season and can manage a young/inexperienced team well from the point guard position. Not to mention, with his recent performance, Calderon’s contract no longer looks like an albatross. Add in the fact that his deal will be an expiring one next year and the fact that the Raps aren’t really limited in cap space going forward , and the rush to capitalize on a Calderon trade doesn’t make much sense to me.

If you can get the right deal, of course you make it, but I’m much more concerned with getting something (heck, even an additional second round pick is better than nothing) in return for Leandro Barbosa’s expiring contract and making a decision on whether to utilize the team’s amnesty clause than I am about finding immediate trade value for Calderon.

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  1. I’d be interested to see what teams are asking about Jose and who they’re offering for him. But why not trade Jose? I don’t see him being what the Raptors need in the future. In fact, I would have probably traded him as well as Barbosa already, even if it was just for mid first rounders.

    IMO, they should be happy that teams are contacting them about Calderon especially. I believe that whatever they can get for him now will be better than nothing later on. Why does it have to be a point guard specifically? Let Bayless take over the rest of the season, see if he’s capable of actually being the starter for them.

    This team isn’t going to get better unless it gets worse. Mediocre teams stay mediocre, and Toronto is falling into that trap.

    • You say you’d trade Calderon and Barbosa “even if it was just for mid first rounders.” You make it sound like that’s the worst they could get, when in fact, I can’t see any team offering a mid first round pick for either. A mid first round pick means we’re talking about a probable lottery team or fringe playoff team. Most of the teams I envision willing to give up a first round pick for either player are teams that will be selecting very late in the first round.

      As I wrote in the post, I’d be okay with a top-20 pick or mid-first round pick for Jose, but I doubt any team is offering that. For example, if a team like Portland wanted Jose, why would they give up a potential lottery pick or top-20 pick for a veteran PG. They’re much more likely to simply hand off Raymond Felton’s expiring contract.

      • I’m saying a mid first rounder for Calderon and Barbosa is likely the best trade scenario for them.

        You could easily get a mid first rounder from a team like Indiana, who could take on Barbosa or Calderon for nothing in return. Same with the Lakers.

        • So you’re willing to basically give them away? Not me. Letting them walk for cap space brings back more value than a single mid-rounder for both.

          ps– Bayless can’t be a starting PG. You’d hamper the development of the rest of the team for the remainder just to prove it.

          • Yes, I’m more than willing to “give them away” if it means getting a mid-late first round pick.

            Letting them walk for cap space brings back more value than a single mid rounder for both??? That’s not true. Because first off, no one team will be able to take them both. Which means you could possibly get two mid-late first rounders by getting rid of both.

            Letting them walk and getting nothing in return puts you in an even worse sitiation down the road. Cap space is meaningless to small NBA market team like Toronto. Small markets like Toronto need the draft in order to build. You can get good players anywhere in the first round, if you know what to look for.

            I agree with you, I don’t think Bayless is a starting PG in the league. In fact, I think he could be one of the league’s best 6th men if they kept him.

            It’s likely you get a better understanding of who can actually play when you don’t have someone like Jose getting everyone easy looks. I’m all for tanking the season if it means Toronto get’s a better pick this year.

  2. “If you can get multiple young players with high ceilings and a first round pick, would you consider parting ways with Andrea?”

    No one would offer it for Bargnani. I’d break their hand off in a second, mind you, if that evaluation – multiple *high*-ceiling youth and a first-rounder – were genuine. You’d be crazy not to take that.

    You need stars to compete, at least two, along with multiple above-average players. Toronto have none in either category – they are as far away from genuine contention as it is possible to go. No one on the team (unless you buy that a flash month from Bargnani is a genuine improvement, which I don’t) even looks likely, right now, to fill either category. We all have hope for JV, of course…

    • Toronto is not a small market team.

      • Define “Small market”

        Small market as far as profitability and fan base – then yes, it is a fairly large market in that respect.

        However, as far as where players want to actually be, Toronto is a fairly small market. It always has been for the NBA. In fact, I’d put it in the bottom 5 as to where players would like to play.

        Outside of Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas, L.A., and maybe Miami now, there are simply no “large market” NBA teams outside of those cities. Every other team is considered small market, even if it is the biggest/most profitable fanbase and city.

        • “However, as far as where players want to actually be, Toronto is a fairly small market.”

          But no one ever uses that as a definition of small market anyway….

          • Outside of the 6 cities I mentioned, every other team in the NBA is “small market”. That’s just how it is in a US dominated industry.

            Hey, I don’t agree with the reasoning either, but I’m just telling it like it is. That’s how the NBA works.

            In a league of probably 90-95% American born players, do you think they care about Toronto? Canada is a foreign country to them. Although they like to “visit” on a road trip, it’s not a place where most players would like to call home long term.

  3. Trading Jose would definately increase our lottery odds.
    You’d have to be looking at a three team deal as we would probably want a PG in return. LA, Milwaukee?
    Someone above mentioned giving Bayless the starting job, only by default because nothing he has done this year makes me comfortable that he is our PG of the future.
    Barring a knockout deal, our best bet might be keeping Jose for the duration of his contract. It’s funny how we are looking for a point guard yet we have a really good 30 year old PG signed through next year and then we can make an offer to resign a not yet 32 year old PG. Gives us some operating space.
    As a Raptor fan nothing would please me more to have Jose finish his career as a Raptor. A class act.
    Find his replacement over the next two seasons and transition back into that backup role.

  4. Wouldn’t the Lakers fit the criteria? They could offer the trade exception, Steve Blake, and a 1st round pick. Or they could offer Matt Barnes in the deal, I think the Raptors could use a little help at small forward as well.

  5. If I was BC I would trade Jose , Barbosa and maybe Klezia in a second. I would love for them to get a couple of mid first rounders in return not a young point guard. There have been a lot of great young point guards that have been picked in the middle of the draft recently. A lot of teams would love a point guard like Jose and some guys that can get easy buckets like Barbosa and Klezia in the playoffs. Raptors next yr .Andrea,DeMar, JV, (top 5 pick barnes) bayless. the bench would be ( 2 mid first round picks) from losing jose and barbosa …davis, amir johnson, james johnson, ..love that lineup …

  6. You’re right, in a vacuum, there is no rush to trade Calderon considering his sustained play this season and the fact that he is an expiring contract next season.

    However, when you consider the situation of the team around him, trading him would make room for Bayless or another young point guard that they would pick up and see if there’s anything worth building on there and make our team worse in the short term which would be beneficial in the long term.

    Also, the fact that you are expecting a Deron Williams type package for Bargnani is pretty funny. Man, did he get injured at the right time or what?

  7. Not trading Jose would be the dumbest thing. Sorry, but I totally disagree with your headline.
    What are the Raptors? A shit-hole of a team. At least right now they are. What do they have to look forward to? Getting AB back from injury, getting Jonas Valencunas next year, and a high draft pick in the draft.
    Analysis: They suck right now but will prosper in the future with their youth and rebuilding mantra,
    Conclusion: While Jose Calderon is hot – and may I add redhot- trade him for a firstrounder and maybe something else for a good player in this year’
    s stacked draft.
    Why Keep Jose? It doesn’t make sense. A great legend once told me, sell high and buy low. That’s exactly what a young Raptors have to do with a 30-year-old Calderon who is not going to be a part of the Raps’ future.
    …….I love Jose, though. Just got to keep moving forward.

  8. “You don’t have to trade a guy who can still be a contributor to your team next season and can manage a young/inexperienced team well from the point guard position. Not to mention, with his recent performance, Calderon’s contract no longer looks like an albatross. Add in the fact that his deal will be an expiring one next year and the fact that the Raps aren’t really limited in cap space going forward , and the rush to capitalize on a Calderon trade doesn’t make much sense to me.”

    I fully agree. Jose is the only one that’s keeping that shipwreck afloat.

    • Five worst in the league isn’t afloat. And what happens if the team “sinks”? They get a better chance at the top pick in the draft and the possibility of drafting the type of player that can turn a franchise around. Doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  9. Priority number one should be finding good players no matter how they get them Bargani is basically useless in tough and close games. Put a package together! Raptors need a shake up!

  10. Trade Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think I can agree with everyone’s sentiments here.

    If someone offers something decent or better for Jose, then he should be traded. If someone tries to lowball BC hoping that he’s desperate to get Jose’s contract off of his hands, he shouldn’t take the deal.

    Seems pretty simple to me.

  12. I see your point and it makes sense but you’re missing one major point. Are we going to win a title with Jose? or in the next 5 years? NO, so lets go a head a trade him for assets. Big or small it doesn’t matter cause all you’re looking for is talent at this point. In fact put Barbosa on that list of players to move if you can get a second and some cash do that too.
    After watching a lot of guys this year who “didn’t fit the mold” (Lin, I Thomas) of a pg – the raps should put some serious consideration into someone in the d-league or try and steal a 3 pg from someones bench who has depth at the pg. What is the worst case the Raptors loose more games? O no, we end up with a better chance at getting a better draft pick. Is that so bad? What if you actually find a diamond in the rough? It seems like a win win situation. Worst case is you don’t find anything and you realize that Bayless isn’t a starting pg in this league. I think all Raptors fans would be happy with that.

    • You bring up a couple of good points, like what I have been saying all along. What do they have to lose this year, or even last year? Nothing, except give someone else like Bayless an opportunity to prove themselves.

      This is going to be one of the best drafts in years, so they will need a good chance at getting as high a pick as possible in the draft.

      IMO, it doesn’t really matter what they do to get rid of them. I’d just like to see them get rid of the guys they know aren’t in the future of the team, even if it means late first round picks or even 2nd rounders.

  13. The Jose Calderon – Devin Harris + 1st rounder swap is intriguing me. Imagine Devin Harris getting back to old form in a Raptors jersey. Hopefully they won’t continue being a .500 team so we can nail a lottery pick with that 1st rounder… But then again, Jose will probably bring wins to the table for them by complementing each player..

    • Between the two, I think I’d still rather have Jose than Harris. And I’ve been one to say get rid of him…

      • Yup, the 1st rounder would obviously intrigue me, but Harris is only about a year and a half younger than Jose and will make almost the same amount over the same duration of contract, so I don’t see the appeal in acquiring Devin Harris if you want to rid yourself of Calderon.

  14. Love seeing the discussion and debate among Raps fans. As I wrote, it’s not that I think they absolutely should not trade Jose, it’s just that I think people are assuming there are great offers out there that the Raptors need to jump on asap. If teams were offering up exciting young PG’s or mid-first round picks, as many believe, I think Colangelo would be making a deal right now, and I would obviously support that.
    But I wouldn’t support a deal just for the sake of making a deal and taking a younger PG that isn’t any better than Jose or a second round pick. I’d take a 2nd for Barbosa, who is an expiring contract and who I want to squeeze any little value there is out of, but not for Jose.

  15. I agree, Joseph.

    Bottom line is the Raptors are not pressed for youth or cap space as it is. There’s no rush to trade Jose, and arguably he’ll fetch more as an expiring contract next season.

    Also, you’ll be hard pressed to draft a player in the late-first round (likely return) who will have as productive of a career as Jose’s had, and (as has been mentioned) he’s only 30 and he’s got plenty of ball left. Trade him if someone really wants him; otherwise, keep him.

  16. I don’t think anyone on this team should be remotely untouchable, including Bargnani and Calderon. The team’s future is built around Valanciunas (hopefully) and whoever they draft this June. Everyone else should be considered assets.

    While Bargnani is having a career year, he’s only played 13 games at his current level and even if he hadn’t gotten hurt there would still be a question of whether or not he would have made the All-Star team. If Colangelo gets a good offer for him that will help the team in the future, he should take it. He shouldn’t make the same mistake he made with Bosh and overvalue him simply because he’s the best the team has. And Bosh was a better rebounder and defender than Bargnani is right now.

    And as much as I have always been a fan of Calderon, and have defended him consistently, he’s 30 years old and finally playing up to his contract. The notion that the Raptors need a PG back for his is ridiculous. Why? Because without a starting PG back the Raptors will suddenly lose their grip on 5th worst record in the league?

    The Raptors have plenty of assets that can be used to fill the positions they need. And they’ll have plenty of time to do it. I like the direction of the team but, let’s face it, even with Bargnani, they aren’t a playoff team so should be focused on what the team will be 3-5 years from now.

    • Tim, are you willing to watch Bayless try to run this team for the rest of the year? You do understand that they want to continue evaluating Derozan, Davis, James Johnson, etc. don’t you? And do you really think that’s possible with Bayless at the point, a guy who clearly cannot run a team effectively? I’m not against trading Jose, but you DO need a young (real) PG in return or else you have to keep him in order to not waste the rest of this year. His expiring contract is worth more, in my opinion, than the 20th pick in the draft.

      • Jimmie, I think your missing the point. This team is going nowhere as is, changes need to be made. Jose and Bargnani just happen to be the guys that other teams want. If you can get a good player(s) in return, regardless of the position, of course they should do it. Neither are franchise players, they are at best, AT BEST, 2nd or 3rd best players on a good team.

        What do you mean wasting the rest of the year? What do they have to lose? They will not make the playoffs this year, and they probably will not next year either.

        Keeping Jose may benefit the team 1-2 years from now, but it certainly does not make the team better off 3-5 years from now.

        • I think you’re missing the point. If you think this team is going nowhere, why not blow it up (again)?

          Toronto is not making the playoffs, you’re right about that. But you also can’t grow if there’s no structure to grow around. Calderon is the only player on the roster right now capable of providing that structure. Without it, you can’t evaluate anyone properly.

          We’ll have to agree to disagree. I have no interest in watching 11 under-25 players be “evaluated” for the next 5 years. Right now, my opinion is that they need to keep Jose for the rest of the year to support the growth of the younger players, and assess things further in the offseason. For exactly the reasons you mention, there’s no need to make rash moves right now.

          And I still say $10M in cap money in the summer of 2013 is more valuable to this team at this time than another 1st round pick that comes at the expense of the current development of players.

          • I don’t think anyone wants to watch young players under the age of 25 be “evaluated” for the next five years. Fortunately, trading or not trading Calderon will have little impact on that.

      • Jimmie,

        I have been against trading Calderon in the past for two reasons. The first is that I felt that, with his large contract, he was more valuable to the team than you would get in return for him in a trade. That has obviously changed this season with him playing so well.

        The second is that his ability to run an offense made it easier to develop the young players because he would be able to get them the ball more effectively.

        Now, I don’t think the Raptors should trade Calderon regardless of what they get back for him, but he’s probably never had this much trade value and quite frankly if they can get a good, young asset or first round pick, that’s going to help them more, long term, than keeping Calderon (who I will definitely be sorry to see leave).

        The fact of the matter is that Calderon is a declining asset and, at 30, he’s at an age when most perimeter players start declining quickly. The question you have to ask is whether his presence will help the team more long term or whether what you’d get in a trade for him would help the team more long term. If it’s the latter, then you trade him.

  17. I would be interested if the raps could land Bledsoe from the Clips. He is young and has potential. Now im not sure how that injury has effected his play or development but i think that would be a nice piece to add. So maybe Barbosa for bledsoe and a 2nd or would that be too much in return?

    anyways thats my 2 cents

    • I really like Bledsoe, followed him since his Kentucky days. He’d be a really good point guard if VDN gave him the minutes.

      That deal wont work though. Barbosa 7Mil for Bledsoe 1.5Mil, Clippers dont have the cap room. Barbosa for Bledsoe + Gomes works though. I like that deal for both teams.

  18. Calderon should be traded because he plays crunch time like it’s the first or second quarter!!! The problem is, the last few games, he has developed the ability to shoot almost contested shots – leading to increased scoring. If he develops further to the point where contested shots are possible, he becomes a volume scorer like Bargnani. Every effort should be made to keep Barbosa at a good price. Toronto is in desperate need of good players – they have like three current good players (others developing) and they are going to let one get away.??????

  19. I’m not really a fan of Jose and the way he plays for the most part, especially when you consider his contract as a whole. On the other hand he is playing well right now.

    Even so, I would not trade him at the moment because he is providing leadership to a young team.

    If anything I would have drafted Kemba Walker this past year and traded Jose before the start of this season, but I do concede that there is no rush to trade Jose now.

    He could be traded in the off season or at next year’s trade deadline

  20. let’s be honest here: does anyone have any faith whatsoever that BC can actually make a trade or draft a player that’s going to improve this club? personally, i have zero faith; i dont’ want BC doing anything with this team. He needs to go; get a fresh mind in the GM job and have him pull the trigger on this team.

    • Well, Colangelo has made one draft pick in the 6 years he’s been GM that I’ve disagreed with, and showed a eye for drafting while in Phoenix, and since the draft is going to have the biggest impact on the future of the franchise, I’m content with Colangelo remaining the GM for the near future. Unless someone like Jerry West suddenly becomes available and interested in running the Raptors, I’d rather have Colangelo than just about anyone else they could get.

  21. For me it goes like this, The Raptors should pull the trigger on Calderon, it will be good for him and the Raptors. I honestly would love to see Jose Calderon come back and finish his career a Raptor as solid back up point guard after his contract expires. We should get a big man out of this trade, I would like to see Chris Kaman come over from the Hornets. We already know Jack and Calderon split minutes well, it’s not there fault the raptors didn’t work out when they were there together, alot of factors played to that. & in the upcoming draft if we can get a substantial athletic talent at the point guard spot or if there is another big man available that is substantially impressive, thats okaay too. I’m not saying we have to get a big man in return, but it would be nice. Kaman would be a good fit for us to come in now and he would love the love from Raptor nation and should want to resign given we will have an exciting front court next year and quite possibly a very good back court as well. all in all, it’s time to pull the trigger. I could see Calderon in alot of places, San Antonio, NO, OKC, Suns for R. Lopez in some sort of deal, Portland , Sactown, Utah, Washington among a few others that could benefit from a trade to obtain Calderon. His defense is underrated, he’s not that bad of a defender, and with his style of D he will benefit from being with a club with a strong team defensive structure. His offense is double double figures and at least double figures in one catagory more than not. Pull the trigger.

    • There are currently no point guards in the lottery, depending which mock draft you look at. At they would be silly to use a potential top 5 pick on any of the ones available.

      Kendall Marshall is your best bet as a pure pass-first point guard like Jose. He would be a great addition to a team like the Raptors. But, the problem is he could go anywhere from 10th-20th depending how he plays in the NCAA tournament.

  22. and just to add to one of my points, Jose would be back up to The very athletic point guard we need to pick up in the next draft and Bayless if he can proove as a staying player in the NBA which he’s done so far. & i’m not saying he has too or should come back when his contract expires, he’s got some years left. but I wouldn’t be opposed to him coming back to finish his career as a productive back up PG for the Raps.

  23. oh and we don’t need a point guard in return, there are plenty of guards to be signed, Mike James after his stint with the Bulls if he leaves would be great. but there are plaenty of guards to fill the void as we are likely to miss out on the playoffs by a little bit anyhow. repeat. we don’t need a point guard in return.

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