I’m not sure how many people were looking forward to keeping an eye on Pistons/Raptors on a Wednesday night, but aside from the game itself, a couple of very interesting Raptors tidbits have emerged.

First and foremost, the Raptors’ official PR twitter account tweeted this:

When rumours first leaked that the Raptors could be one of the teams in on Chandler a few weeks ago, I wrote this on the matter.

My stance on the possibility of Wilson becoming a Raptor remains the same. I think he can be a good NBA player for years to come, but not great, and not good enough to get into a bidding war over. There have been multiple reports over the last little while that the Nuggets are interested in retaining Chandler, who is a restricted free agent after playing in China for the first part of the season.

If Bryan Colangelo can acquire Chandler at a reasonable price and term, then it can be a solid pickup that adds to a decent collection of young talent. But the last thing the Raptors need to do is overpay for a role player that also might affect the team’s lottery position this year.


The other interesting bit of information that emerged during this Raps/Pistons game came from Pistons.com editor and True Blue Pistons blogger Keith Langlois, who has alerted the world about a potential draft night trade between Toronto and Detroit that apparently fell through when the Cavaliers shocked everyone by selecting Tristan Thompson instead of Jonas Valanciunas.


Langlois went on to tweet this:

Based on my interpretation of the tweets, it seems like the two teams would have swapped roster players (one-for-one) and then swapped the fifth and eighth picks. I would assume that Colangelo would have followed through on the deal if Valanciunas went off the board as expected, and then the Raps could have ended up with Brandon Knight or whoever else they wanted at No. 8. You’ll remember that in the “Behind the Draft” special, Colangelo and co. celebrate after the Cavs take Thompson, showing that Jonas was the guy they desperately wanted.

It obviously all worked out fine, but imagine if Colangelo had agreed to the deal before the Cavs made their selection, assuming they would take Jonas? How angry would he have been with himself if after dealing the fifth pick (because he thought Valanciunas wouldn’t be available), he then had to watch the Pistons select his guy? I think it’s safe to say he would be kicking himself for it.

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  1. Joseph, I agree with you on Chandler. The Chandler move is the exact type of move that the Raptors DO NOT need right now. As much as I like Chandler as a player, I see no reason to even try and get him even for the right price. All he’s going to to is hurt the Raptors chances of landing a better pick in June.

    Either the Raptors will overpay him in order to get him from Denver (I hope this doesn’t happen) or, they wont offer enough, and Denver will match the offer.

    Both outcomes make it useless to even try to go after him, and if they do get him, what are they going to do with him. If they get a top 5 pick, it’s almost gauranteed they would draft a SF/PF, the same position as him. I would take any player projected in the top 5 over him at this point.

  2. I really like Wilson Chandler and think at a fair price he’d be great in Toronto. However if he signs this creates a bit of a log jam at SF. We would have 3 really good back-up SF in Johnson, Kleiza, and Chandler. I think depth is a great thing but when I look at the draft this year it looks like we’ll be picking at around 3-7. Thing is the best players available will be PF (Sullinger, P. Jones, Robinson, Moultrie, Henson) and SF (Barnes, Kidd Gilchrist, T. Jones) There aren’t really any other positions available that we need. There are two great SG in Jeremy Lamb and Bradley Beal but I think Demar is the future at SG. We don’t need a Centre, and there aren’t any PG’s worth taking that high. I really think the Raps should draft Barnes or Kidd-Gilchrist so I think the only way the Raps sign Chandler would be to trade Kleiza or Johnson. Or you know the Raps could just take the best player available in which case my concerns are moot.

  3. This just shows how reluctant Colangelo is to truly bottom out and this whole “rebuilding” thing is only happening because he has no other option, signing Chandler would be a pretty strange move.

    On a random sidenote, how awesome were the MVP chants for Aaron Gray tonight?

  4. I really hope the raps don’t get chandler. I like what James Johnson has given the team, no need to chandler to crash the party

  5. I’m done with the raps if they sign Chandler.

  6. I’m OK with acquiring Chandler for a reasonable price. A team with our talent level should be stockpiling talent. If we have too much of a good thing, we can trade some of it for talent in other areas.

    That said, I would not necessarily be happy if we offered him more than 7 or 8 million a year.

  7. It’s great to see an NBA player like Chandler who actually wants to come and play for Toronto. Maybe he sees it as his only opportunity to be a starter? Who knows.

    But James Johnson has easily been their best or 2nd best defender all year. Getting a replacement for him at this point is just a slap in the face to him. Plus, he’s about 1/3 of the price as Chandler would be.

    Chandler is A LOT like James Johnson, but just a more complete player. He’s a little better scorer, which the Raptors happen to need. But like I had said earlier, they’re better off waiting it out and seeing what pick they can get without him. Barnes/Gilchrist will be a much better SF option if they can patiently wait it out.

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