While the NHL trade deadline has our attention today, there are a couple of Raptors-related rumours out there to chew on with the NBA deadline just a couple of weeks away.

On Sunday night, the Orlando Sentinel wrote about a Dwight Howard to the Lakers rumour that included a Jose Calderon to Orlando component (Magic CEO has since denied that such a trade proposal exists). Then on Monday, Sam Smith of bulls.com wrote under the NBA news and notes section of his write-up that “The Raptors are anxious to move the contract of Leandro Barbosa to make a big offer to restricted free agent Wilson Chandler.

As I’ve stated a few times about Chandler, I like what he can bring to the table, but I would be worried about getting in a bidding war and overpaying for a complimentary piece type of player at this early and critical stage of the Raptors’ rebuild. If Smith is correct that the Raps are anxious to clear some cap space to make Chandler a “big” offer, then I won’t lie to you, I’m a little anxious myself, as all Raptors fans should be.

I am pleased, however, that the Raptors are trying to move Barbosa, whose departure I think should be more of a priority than Jose Calderon’s. After all, Leandro is on an expiring contract, which means the Raptors have just a little over two weeks left to extract any type of trade value out of the “Brazilian Blur.”