While the NHL trade deadline has our attention today, there are a couple of Raptors-related rumours out there to chew on with the NBA deadline just a couple of weeks away.

On Sunday night, the Orlando Sentinel wrote about a Dwight Howard to the Lakers rumour that included a Jose Calderon to Orlando component (Magic CEO has since denied that such a trade proposal exists). Then on Monday, Sam Smith of bulls.com wrote under the NBA news and notes section of his write-up that “The Raptors are anxious to move the contract of Leandro Barbosa to make a big offer to restricted free agent Wilson Chandler.

As I’ve stated a few times about Chandler, I like what he can bring to the table, but I would be worried about getting in a bidding war and overpaying for a complimentary piece type of player at this early and critical stage of the Raptors’ rebuild. If Smith is correct that the Raps are anxious to clear some cap space to make Chandler a “big” offer, then I won’t lie to you, I’m a little anxious myself, as all Raptors fans should be.

I am pleased, however, that the Raptors are trying to move Barbosa, whose departure I think should be more of a priority than Jose Calderon’s. After all, Leandro is on an expiring contract, which means the Raptors have just a little over two weeks left to extract any type of trade value out of the “Brazilian Blur.”

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  1. I really hope the Chandler thing is all rumors. It seems to go in opposite direction of the current rebuild. With Colangelo’s moves this off season it seemed like he was ready to stay the course.

    • How so? Chandler is a 24 year old SF that can play D and hit the occasional 3ball, this seems to me the exact type of player the Raptors need.

      • There’s nothing wrong with Chandler, he’s a nice player but the type of financial commitment it would take to prevent Denver from matching any potential offer isn’t really worth making for the Raptors at this time especially when they already have a player who is the same age and has the upside to do what Chandler already does in James Johnson.

        Even with the extensions they gave out to Nene, Gallinari and Afflalo, the Nuggets are still under the cap enough to match any offer that isn’t in the realm of ridiculous.

  2. I think Calderon has to go to in order to help the franchise rebuild. I would like to see him come back and be a bench player after next year, but if you can get something in return for him now, they should do it.

    Barbosa is another guy that should be traded. Not a whole lot of value to the rebuilding Raptors by playing out the rest of the year if they can get a late first round pick.

    I agree with you on Chandler. Signing him is a HUGE gamble. He is a good player, has the potential to be a great player, but is not really a huge upgrade over James Johnson, who would make about 1/3 or even 1/4 of what Chandler would.

    Now, if the Raptors are lucky enough to be able to draft Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond, Chandler would be a nice addition for the other forward position.

    And that’s a big IF. Getting the 4th or 5th pick may require them to draft a SF, and that would create a logjam of too many forwards and a guy with an untradable contract in Chandler.

  3. I wonder why so many people want to see calderon gone. He’s never played so well in years, has at least another 2-3 solid years ahead and the raptors would be left with oft injured bayless and anthony carter at pg. I fail to see your point.

    • You just answered your own question.

      He’s playing well, and he’s got a few years left of high level play. Contending teams want players like that, and can give Toronto players that it needs to rebuild.

      Look, he has no value to a REBUILDING Raptors team. If the Raptors were actually contending for a playoff spot, then ya, you keep him. But they’re not.

      When you’re a rebuilding like Toronto is, you don’t keep a player who’s already 30, and actually has some trade value to other teams. When your the 5th worst team in the league, you don’t keep or add players just to move up and become the 10th worse team. You do what it takes at this point to secure a top pick.

      Now, that’s not to say you go out and do a 1-for-1 trade for another PG like Devin Harris. Because that doesn’t make them any better or worse. It just means you make a trade that can help you financially or get you a better draft pick or two.

      • Strongly disagree , and by strongly disagree I mean ” Are you stupid”? with your statements “Look, he has no value to a REBUILDING Raptors team” and
        ” When you’re a rebuilding like Toronto is, you don’t keep a player who’s already 30, and actually has some trade value to other team”

        I am actually pretty comfortable with Jose spreading the ball for this young group. You make 30 sound as it’s old – I assure you Jose has a good 5 years left as a quality PG, and that is what he is, a quality PG. And Bayless isn’t – thats important to remember.

        Also, you assume Jose’s value has peaked? Be curious to hear the discussions on draft day in the summer, think he might draw some interest. If we draft at # 5 or over what do you think a package of Jose and the pick would bring? I don’t know either, but gets you thinking that BC does not have to rush. Next year at this time a lotta teams will be looking for an expiring contract, new CBA and all. Jose’s value has not peaked and getting rid of him for the sake of getting rid of him is just stupid.

        • The only way you can make the case that Jose’s value has not peaked is if you assume he will stay healthy for the rest of this season and into next season which isn’t a chance I want to take on a guy who’s coming off three straight seasons of under 70 games played.

          I’d rather try to trade him when he’s playing well and is healthy rather than when he’s just an injured mess or expiring contract which he’s very likely to be next season.

          The fan base was almost unanimous in wanting to dump him for two straight years and the GM agreed and now all of a sudden we want to keep him long-term based on 33 games, give me a break, man and try to focus on what the team is trying to do. This is more ridiculous than the “Bargnani is a superstar” based on a consecutive 11-game sample idiots.

          • Exactly PBI. People like that just don’t know what it means to actually rebuild a team. It’s not that I dont like Jose, he’s just not the long term solution for the team. In that case, you trade him while his value is relatively high, and higher than its ever been.

            It doesn’t matter who the point guard is this year or next, the most important thing is getting a franchise player they can actually build around. They can get that this summer. They really have nothing to lose by trying to get a high pick this year.

            30 year olds and guys that have 13 good games and now get superstar status are the guys Raptor fans want to build around? Crazy man, crazy stuff.

          • I’ve yet to hear anyone refer to Bargnani as a ‘superstar’..and yes, that includes our homer commentators.

            I have been one of his biggest critics the last few years, even when his offensive game really started to get some consistency to it after CB left and he was attacking the basket more.

            There were always 3 big problems with his game.. a lack of rebounding, poor defense and the fact that he always had the same care-less ‘deer in headlights’ look on his face, whether we lost by a last second shot or were getting blown out by 40 points. He just didn’t seemed to give a sh*t.

            This year, besides the lack of rebounding, it’s been completely different. I’m not sure what the coaching staff said to motivate him, but he’s doing things on the defensive end that I didn’t think he had in him. He’s actually rotating when he’s supposed to, he takes charges and has shown an improved ability to body-up some of the other big men in the league. He’s talking with his teammates in between plays, he’s shown frustration if a game isn’t going his way and he just looks like his head is finally in it.

            I’m not saying he’s a superstar now, and I won’t even go as far as saying he’s an all-star. But I definitely think the potential is there. If you can honestly say that from watching him this year, compared to the last 5, that he isn’t a very different player.. I’m certain you don’t actually watch the games.

        • tinman, how about you read my entire comment before calling anyone stupid.

          I said, they should make a trade if it helps them out financially (cap dump) or to simply get better draft picks (which would happen without Jose). Not just trading him for the sake of trading.

          He doesn’t have any value whatsoever to Toronto as a REBUILDING team right now. Like I said, if Toronto was on the playoff bubble, and pushing to get in, different story. But Toronto is rebuilding, meaning they need to get rid of the players that aren’t going to help them achieve the rebuilding process, and start getting high draft picks if they want any chance of being relevant in the NBA.

          Long term they are MUCH better without Jose, you can’t even argue against that. No one on the Raptors should be untradable at this point, because none of them are franchise players. If you can get a good pick this summer, a lot of them have the ability to be franchise players. THAT’S what you build around. Not players like Jose who are already 30.

          And, 30 is actually old for NBA standards. In fact, most players decline once they hit the age of 30 in the NBA. In very RARE cases, do you get players like Steve Nash who actually get better as they get older. Again, thats very rare.

          I also never said Bayless would be the future PG for the team. Obviously he’d be the starter if Jose was traded, but not the long term solution. So again, not sure where that is coming from.

          All in all, if your happy with the 40 win seasons and low playoff seeds Jose will likely give you in 2-3 years, then have fun with that.

          • Who is your foreseeable replacement over Jose? Who is available that is an upgrade? I assure you Raptors brass have accepted this year in exchange for another lottery pick. I also assure you that it is not in their plans for next year. And we need a PG – odd – its one of only two positions you can say we have covered.

            The time might come to part, but with no forseeable replacmentt, I do not see now as being that time.

            Jose is more of a cerebral PG – I see no reason why he can not play well into his thirties.

            Listen, you might well turn out to be right and Jose does get dealed – all I hope is if it happens we get more than whats being discussed with this Orlando/ Lakers deal. Not just as a salary dump.
            And if a good deal is not on the table, hold your cards. Play them at the draft or at next year’s deadline

          • tinman, it doesn’t matter right now who’s the long term replacement for Jose. They’ll get that later on with either a late first round pick this year, or next year. Right now, I’d rather have a straight salary dump or late pick, because its highly unlikely you get anything from LA or Orlando worth building around.

            What’s important as of right now is getting guys you actually can build around, franchise players (even if it means losing more games than the first half). That may happen with Valanciunas, and it may happen this summer with the right pick.

            I’d be more than willing to have Bayless be the starter all of next year as well if it meant getting another high pick (possibly to draft a PG).

            Jose, is simply not a guy you build around. He’s at best a 2nd or 3rd best player on a good team.

  4. if Raptors signs long term contract with chandler, who they are going to draft this year? There are NO TOP-PG in this draft class, and the best big guys might be drafted earlier, we’ll have Derozan, Chandler, JJ, Kleiza, Forbes and Rookie in SG/SF positions, a little too much players? :D

  5. I’d be surprised if the raptors get Wilson Chandler. I’m sure he’ll look to go to a bigger market. there’s no way chandler’s coming to Toronto. I’m just being real people!!

  6. I like Wilson Chandler as a complementary piece for a team that’s already winning, not for a rebuild like the Raptors. For the same reason, I’m hoping Calderon gets traded, since he could bring back an asset in the long-term, particularly if a team in need of a playmaking PG is willing to give up a 1st round pick for him in this deep draft.

  7. Chandler is a nice player, but he’s average. Do the Raptors need more average players? And at the price it will take? To me, signing him is representative of what the Raptors have always done in the past, which is hedge their bets. They need to go all in on going after Anthony Davis and having the cap room to do what they want this summer (signing, trade).

    As for Calderon, I’d be definitely sorry to see him go, but if it gets the Raptors closer to their goal, then I’d be fine with it. I don’t think they NEED to trade him, though.

  8. The hyperbole in some of these comments is annoying. If anyone wanted to read some of this sh*t, they’d be at RR.

    Agreed that Chandler is a nice piece but not a franchise changer. Don’t overpay.

    As for fans hyperventilating about trading Jose….BC has shown his willingness to trade Jose for the right package. He’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

    • BC almost got Tyson Chandler for Jose – that is a hell of a big difference than the rumours going around.

      I’d trade Jose for Chandler but not for chattle. Big, big difference.

  9. Calderon is definitely part ofrebuild. BP is just another short sighted fan that always thinks in a one dimentional way. The reason not to trade Jose is leadership. a good rebuild has youth and experience. Calderon plays the game the right way. He doesnt need to dominate the ball. He gets the young guys good looks and plenty of them. He is a fantastic team mate with great work eithic. You can draft all the talent you want but you need vets to set tone and culture by example. The guy wants to win and the only thing he has more pride in is loyalty to the team. Hold on as long as you can…. Now is too early to trade him.

    • For the record, ob, I never said Jose wasn’t a good player, and I’ve never questioned his work ethic or abilities. That’s why I would hate to see him go. He’s a player that embraces Toronto and it’s always tough to see guys like that get traded.

      But YOU need to look at the bigger picture. Trading him now while he can bring back any rebuilding assets is of much more value to the team long term than keeping him. And what’s to say the team couldn’t sign him back after his current contract expires? I’d support that, as a role player, and at about 1/3 of what hes currently making now.

      Am I being short sighted? No, anyone who thinks Calderon should stay, regardless of what the offer for him would be, is actually short sighted. I even said, short term, 2-3 years, the team is better off with him. But the truth is, whether you agree or not, the team is better long-term in 5+ years by trading him now while he has trade value. That doesn’t make me short sighted at all.

      You think Jose is the only player in the league that can provide leadership? Hahaha, you can’t be serious, honestly? There are a ton of veteran players Toronto can sign to provide “experience and leadership”, Anthony Carter and Jamaal Magloire are great examples of that. The fact that you think it should cost 10 million a year to provide leadership is just being plain ignorant.

      • So your rebuild is 5 years away?

        Now I see the problem. I do not have access to Raptors management but I think they plan this rebuild a little quicker and maybe a decent PG will come in handy.

        • Why do I have to keep repeating myself???

          When did I say that the rebuild would take them 5 years to do?

          First of all, I said that with Jose, the team could make the playoffs in 2-3 years. But only as a low playoff seed, and nothing more than that.

          Second, I just said “the team will be better off long term in 5 years.” That doesn’t mean its going to take 5 years to rebuild. It just means that they’ll be a better team in 5 years without Jose than they will be in 2-3 years with Jose.

          They can get a rookie point guard as early as this year’s draft or as late as next years. With a mid-late first round pick for Jose, and then another for Barbosa.

          And, you even said it yourself, and I’ll quote you “Jose has a good 5 years left as a quality PG.” So in 5 years, they’ll need to find a new point guard that they could have had developed by then. Thus, further proving my point the team is, in fact, better off long term in 5 years.

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