Doug Smith of the Toronto Star first reported today that the Raptors are set to part ways with veteran point guard Anthony Carter, who signed a one-year deal with Toronto as a free agent in December.

According to Smith, “The Raptors are going to try to either move the veteran guard in some transaction or release him in the next week and a half, according to a team source.”

Since Carter has little, if any, trade value, and the Raptors wouldn’t get anything significantly positive or negative from an AC trade, I really could not care less whether a deal is made or the Raps simply release Anthony. While I’m sure he did what was asked of him as one of the veteran mentors to Toronto’s crop of youngsters, the truth is that out of the 24 games he appeared in, Carter only looked like an NBA caliber guard in a handful of them.

That’s not a knock on Carter. He’ll be 37 later this year and has hung around the NBA for 13 seasons now, which is obviously a testament to his talent, durability and workmanlike attitude. Perhaps a move to a contender can invigorate the vet, but I’d have to assume that one way or another, this season is pretty much the end of the road for Anthony Carter in the NBA (as a player, anyway).

Good luck to you, Anthony, we hardly knew you.

As for what it means for the Raptors, obviously if Carter is simply released it will open up a roster spot in Toronto. But before you get excited or think about a guy like Wilson Chandler, which I’ve seen float around on twitter, remember that the deadline for any team besides Denver to sign him to an offer sheet has already passed (March 1).

It may turn out to mean absolutely nothing at all, but the way I see it, no harm can come from Carter getting a chance to possibly play for a playoff team or from the Raptors having a little roster flexibility in the second half of this rebuilding season.