Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: Sportsnet One
Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Jerryd Bayless, DeMar DeRozan, James Johnson, Andrea Bargnani, Amir Johnson
Charlotte: D.J. Augustin, Gerald Henderson, Corey Maggette, Tyrus Thomas, Bismack Biyombo

Injury report

Toronto: Jose Calderon is questionable for tonight’s game.

Charlotte: No injuries reported.

Last night’s overtime win over the Grizzlies was arguably the Raptors’ most impressive victory of the season, in terms of difficulty. The night after, they play the Charlotte Bobcats, who beat the Raptors for one of their six wins exactly one month ago.

The fanbases of both teams need to look to young prospects as a reason to care about this game. For the Bobcats, it’s rookie center Bismack Biyombo, who is showing signs of being a more polished Ben Wallace — which is a frightening prospect for the rest of the league. For the Raptors, it’s Jerryd Bayless, who continues to have a bizarrely large number of doubters regardless of how many great performances he has as a starter. We can all agree that he’s not perfect, but if you still think Jose Calderon deserves to start over him, you’re either not watching the games or you’re lying to yourself.


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