Centred: The Jonas Valanciunas Story aired Tuesday night on NBA TV Canada (formerly Raptors TV), and if you ask me, it was worth the wait. We can find a plethora of Valanciunas highlights online whenever we want. What I wanted, and I’m sure most Raptors fans wanted, was a glimpse into Jonas’ life and his character.

While we’re obviously only going to see the good side of a Raptors draft pick in a Raptors-produced feature, you really get the feeling that Valanciunas is a humble young man and an all around solid guy. If his on court potential is as good as advertised, and his off court demeanor is as reputable as it comes across on camera, then the Raptors should have themselves a gem of a centre for the forseeable future.

On another note, while there are things we can complain about when it comes to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and rightfully so as fans, one thing I’ve actually been impressed with is the quality of NBA TV Canada’s specials and such. Team-made features and specials often have a very corny, very amateur feel to them, but as you can tell from watching the feature’s four parts below, this was well shot, well edited and just well put together in general.

Thanks, as usual, to Raptors Community Manager Jay Satur for providing us with hard to find embed codes to be able to post Centred on RaptorBlog, and kudos to Jeff Landicho, Jeff Rochi and everyone involved with the project for the great work.

But enough with my raving about it. Here it is, Centred: The Jonas Valanciunas Story.

Can we just fast-forward to JV’s Raptors debut already?