Yup…More Camo

Forget more cowbell, apparently somebody at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment thinks the only prescription for this lost Raptors season is more camo, as in those cringe worthy camouflage jerseys the Raptors will sport tonight against the Bulls for Canadian Forces Night at the Air Canada Centre.

In the most recent season seat holder newsletter, it was revealed that the Raptors will also be wearing camouflage jerseys in games against the Magic (March 26), Wizards (April 1) and Hawks (April 16).

As much as I despise these uniforms, I can stomach them tonight because one of the great traditions in a Raptors home schedule is Canadian Forces Night, when season seat holders are encouraged to hand their tickets over to Canadian veterans. That sentiment, as well as the nice tributes MLSE usually pays around Remembrance Day and pre-game on CFN is wholeheartedly worth supporting.

But as I’ve stated on RaptorBlog before, I believe there has to be a more tasteful way to honour our troops than parading a basketball team around in camouflage uniforms, which will always seem quite tacky to me.

The other thing to note is that the first time I sounded off on these unis, I did say that if it turned in to a fundraising effort for the troops and their families, it would be a lot easier to support. As far as I can see and read, 20 per cent of all proceeds from the sale of Raptors camouflage gear will go toward the Canadian Military Families Fund.

Based on this alone, I hope people buy a boat load of the stuff to help the fund, but I still have a problem with this whole thing. Can’t MLSE do even more for the fund? Why not have all concession sales, or a portion of ticket sales for tonight’s game against the Bulls, which should be a big crowd, go towards the CMF fund?

I just feel like if you’re going to go through with the ridicule that comes with dressing your team in camouflage, not once, but four times, all for the sake of raising money and awareness for Canadian troops and their families, then you can do a lot better than 20 per cent, especially when you’re as wealthy and as powerful as the almighty Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.