After the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Baylor Bears to advance to the NCAA Final Four on Sunday, Charles Barkley expressed his belief in the unbeatability of the Wildcats. Why am I mentioning this on a Raptors blog? Because this is what he said:

“Nobody can beat this team. I mean, the Toronto Raptors can’t, the Charlotte Bobcats… maybe. But there’s nobody in this NCAA tournament that can beat this team.”

We’ve got video of Chuck’s Raptors dis after the jump, if you think you can watch it without breaking something.

It would be really easy to go on a frothing rant about something this idiotic, but that’s really not necessary. Let me rebut Charles’ claim with the fact last year’s College Basketball Player of the Year award winner and his runner-up — Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker — are not even starters on their NBA teams that currently have a combined record of 24-70.

To be fair, I’m well-aware that Anthony Davis is far more dominant than either of those guys and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terence Jones could also become better NBA players than Jimmer and Kemba. Regardless, in a best-of-seven series between the Raptors and Wildcats, Kentucky might win a game but would probably get swept. Jose Calderon would absolutely murder Marquis Teague or whoever the Wildcats put on him. If any of the Wildcats’ star players got into foul trouble, their backups would get embarrassed. This is not the opinion of a Raptors homer (which I most assuredly am not), but stone-cold facts.

Let’s face it — CBS didn’t hire Charles Barkley for their tournament halftime show because he’s actually knowledgeable about college basketball. They brought him on board because he can be entertaining and controversial, often at the same time. He’s supposed to be an attention-grabber — and as this post proves, mission accomplished.

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  1. Barkley is basically the basketball equivalent of Don Cherry. Entertaining to listen to but man is he off the mark at times!

    I will say though, like Cherry he occasionally latches onto something and absolutely nails it. Which is why these guys can be so frustrating, because they can be extremely right or extremely wrong with what they say

  2. It’s definitely an exageration of how good he thinks Kentucky is. I don’t know how he can say Toronto wouldn’t beat them, but Charlotte maybe would. The only two NBA teams I think they could possibly beat would be New Jersey and New Orleans.

    I don’t think Anthony Davis would dominate Toronto right now offensively, maybe defensively, although Gilchrist would probably have 20 or so rebounds in an NBA type game of 48 minutes vs Toronto.

  3. He’s right, team is so terrible that college kids could beat them…

  4. So Raptors can’t ever beat Kentucky. Raptors hang tight with Magic, Bulls, Lakers… to final seconds of the game. This… makes Kentucky the best team in the NBA?

    • No, that clearly wasn’t Barkley’s message. He pointed out the raptors and the bobcats (however wrong or right) to stress a point, and that point is that the wildcats are clearly the BEST TEAM IN THE NCAA and not the NBA.

  5. Why is he picking on the Raps? There are 5 or 6 teams with worse records and many more who are almost as bad. He hates us because_________?

  6. Raps by 20 if they play with inferior NCAA rules. Raps by 40 or so if they play by NBA rules. Barkley is a dimwit.





  9. i get the feeling he didnt watch the knicks game

  10. If Barkley had said that about another team, everyone here would probably think it was funny. I’m guessing he picked Toronto because they’ve been one of the worst teams the last couple of years, and in fact both teams that were below the Raptors last year are better than them this year.

    I’m guessing he also said it because it’s so easy to get Raptor fans’ noses out of joint. And this is the perfect example.

    I find the reaction to his comment far more interesting than the comment itself.

    • ^ I agree completely.

      I have no team other than the raptors but after watching 60+ games a year for 5-6 years or so I finally threw in the towel in 2011. Really, this franchise would aspire to be mediocre as opposed to just terrible.

      I now casually watch games from the rest of the league, which is about 100x more enjoyable.

      • The problem with this franchise, in the past, is that mediocrity is really all they aspired to. They seemed to be so afraid to be terrible for a couple of seasons that they would rather just try and put out a team that can compete a little.

        At least now it seems that they will actually acquire some decent talent, by being terrible.

  11. You do realize he was using hyperbole? The fact that you actually broke this down and gave reasons why Barkley is wrong to think the Wildcats could beat the Raptors makes me question your intelligence.

  12. It’s pretty funny how you label the comments as just Barkley being Barkley and exaggerating for humour’s sake then actually go into match up based analysis with the two teams, LOL.

  13. Well, I figured if I was going to do a post about it (since I knew it would drive some views) then I might as well provide a titch of actual analysis.

  14. Seriously dude? I can’t believe so many Raptor fans continue to get angry when people diss the team. Raps are the laughing stock of the league and have been for a long time. The fact that playing a close game and losing is something to be proud of proves my point. “We almost beat the bulls!!!” Whata joke. Sure there are other teams with worse records, but the bottom line is that they all suck.

    If you want to shut people up, you gotta win; plain and simple.

  15. The sad thing is that they aren’t as bad as some of us wish. They aren’t the worst team in the league and might not get a top pick with the way they are going so Barkley is talking nonsense. IF ONLY THEY WERE AS BAD AS HE MENTIONS!!!

  16. The fact that you, Scott, even posted this is pathetic. Im pretty sure that Charles was trolling. Calm the fuck down. we all know the raptors would win, no need to get butt hurt.

  17. Scott, U ain’t a raps fan anymore? :(

  18. Barkley was clearly being facetious.

    But I’ll say the very fact the Raptors were brought up by him, clearly shows the depth of the job Brian Colangelo has done over 6 years.

  19. People need to stop taking stuff like this so personally. I’ve been a Raptor fan my whole life, I love the Raps, but they f’n suck hard. It embarrasses me to watch them play (unless it’s against the Knicks or the Bulls, the only 2 teams they show up to compete against).

  20. Obviously the majority of people have no idea what Hyperbole is…

  21. Being good at a smart doesn’t make you intelligent. Barkley proves this point with every fucking word that comes out of his fat face.

  22. Being good at a sport doesn’t make you intelligent. Barkley proves this point with every fucking word that comes out of his fat face.

  23. Raptors are bad and are not abou tto get any better …….. sad sad sad

    • The raptors are definitely about to get better. How much better? No idea. But valencunius is killing it in Europe, and we’re probably getting a top 5 pick in this year’s super-deep draft.

  24. You guys are looking into this way too much.
    It’s just an expression.
    Charles is kind of an idiot, so he may actually believe things he says.
    But still, nobody that has any sort of sports knowledge actually agrees with statements like this. It’d be the same as saying Boston College would beat the Oilers or the Blue Jackets. No hockey fan is actually going to believe that. They’re just going to laugh and say “Yeah, probably!” as a reply to the joke that the statement is.

  25. You know what’s more sad?

    That you’re rebutting Barkley by saying the Raptors would beat them in a 7-game series. Like really? Why do you even feel the need to reply to this drivel??

  26. The Wildcats could beat the Ford bros. Please do.

  27. ummmm does he not know what andrea bargnani would do to these guys, hed drop 60 without blinking…….but in this fantasy game my go to guy would be aaron gray(below average nba player) but hes 300 lbs……what would anybody on UK do, they would get bodied

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