After the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Baylor Bears to advance to the NCAA Final Four on Sunday, Charles Barkley expressed his belief in the unbeatability of the Wildcats. Why am I mentioning this on a Raptors blog? Because this is what he said:

“Nobody can beat this team. I mean, the Toronto Raptors can’t, the Charlotte Bobcats… maybe. But there’s nobody in this NCAA tournament that can beat this team.”

We’ve got video of Chuck’s Raptors dis after the jump, if you think you can watch it without breaking something.

It would be really easy to go on a frothing rant about something this idiotic, but that’s really not necessary. Let me rebut Charles’ claim with the fact last year’s College Basketball Player of the Year award winner and his runner-up — Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker — are not even starters on their NBA teams that currently have a combined record of 24-70.

To be fair, I’m well-aware that Anthony Davis is far more dominant than either of those guys and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terence Jones could also become better NBA players than Jimmer and Kemba. Regardless, in a best-of-seven series between the Raptors and Wildcats, Kentucky might win a game but would probably get swept. Jose Calderon would absolutely murder Marquis Teague or whoever the Wildcats put on him. If any of the Wildcats’ star players got into foul trouble, their backups would get embarrassed. This is not the opinion of a Raptors homer (which I most assuredly am not), but stone-cold facts.

Let’s face it — CBS didn’t hire Charles Barkley for their tournament halftime show because he’s actually knowledgeable about college basketball. They brought him on board because he can be entertaining and controversial, often at the same time. He’s supposed to be an attention-grabber — and as this post proves, mission accomplished.