Presented without comment: Here is the reaction from the Orlando Magic bench when fans at the Air Canada Centre cheered after the Raptors broke the 100-point mark while trailing the Magic by 17 points with two seconds left in the fourth quarter, which meant fans could trade in their tickets for a free slice of Pizza Pizza. Fist-bump to the fan (who wants to remain anonymous) who sent me this video.

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  1. That’s pretty much all we have to cheer for this season. Cut us some slack. Not like the Leafs give out free pizza every time they score 3 goals in a game, not that they’d be giving out much lately.

    • Hey, I wrote “Presented without comment”, didn’t I? I don’t blame the fans (mostly), I just think management should change the promotion so that fans get pizza when the Raptors win.

  2. Kinda think it’s a quirky fun, raptors thing, not against it myself.

  3. They need to get rid of it. Immediately.

    If you really supported the team, why would you be estastic that you got a square dried up slice of pizza, ignoring the fact that your team got blown out?

    How dreadful…

  4. I agree Scott…they need to change it so it matters whether the Raps win.

  5. I don’t understand all this “that’s all we have to cheer about”. Why exactly is this something to cheer about? Are you that excited about getting a free slice of plain, cheese pizza? Aren’t you just announcing to everyone how pathetic you are for cheering for a cheap slice of pizza?

    Why not just buy cheaper seats (or not buy them at all) and with the money you save spend it on a decent slice of pizza with a drink? At least then the visiting NBA players (and probably the Raptor ones, as well) won’t think Raptor fans are a bunch of juveniles who wet their pants at the thought of getting something as cheap as a slice of pizza for free.

  6. Anyone that thinks this is about a crappy slice of pizza is missing the point. It’s about turning chicken shit into chicken salad. And having fun.

    The fans also cheer at 100 for the wins. Lets interview the opposing coach about that loud cheer as their team is getting rocked. Prolly not as funny as Stan.

    • And you’re missing the point that it makes Raptor fans look ridiculous. It especially looks bad when the team wins, but because they don’t break 100 points, people don’t get pizza and boo. How stupid is it for fans to boo when their team wins, but scorer 99 points?

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