Like a drug-addled cousin who only arrives on your doorstep when he needs money, RaptorBlog Radio is back with some Raptors-related ear candy. Podcast producer Oliver Macklem (@OliverMacklem) deserves the bulk of the credit for getting this show going again and arranging the interview with the Raptors’ Director of Sports Science, Alex McKechnie, who talks about Jonas Valanciunas’ strength and conditioning in preparing for his NBA arrival next season.

Later in the show, Drew Fairservice (@DrewGROF), Joseph Casciaro (@JosephCasciaro) and I rant a little about the Raptors’ free pizza promotion, discuss Jerryd Bayless’ future with the team, debate the team’s needs going into the draft, deride Charles Barkley for claiming the Raptors couldn’t beat the Kentucky Wildcats, and preview tonight’s Heat-Raptors tilt. You can download this episode directly here, or listen through this player:

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