Like a drug-addled cousin who only arrives on your doorstep when he needs money, RaptorBlog Radio is back with some Raptors-related ear candy. Podcast producer Oliver Macklem (@OliverMacklem) deserves the bulk of the credit for getting this show going again and arranging the interview with the Raptors’ Director of Sports Science, Alex McKechnie, who talks about Jonas Valanciunas’ strength and conditioning in preparing for his NBA arrival next season.

Later in the show, Drew Fairservice (@DrewGROF), Joseph Casciaro (@JosephCasciaro) and I rant a little about the Raptors’ free pizza promotion, discuss Jerryd Bayless’ future with the team, debate the team’s needs going into the draft, deride Charles Barkley for claiming the Raptors couldn’t beat the Kentucky Wildcats, and preview tonight’s Heat-Raptors tilt. You can download this episode directly here, or listen through this player:

As always, give us your feedback and suggestions for future topics and guests in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter. Plus, link this on Twitter and Facebook and tell your friends if you like this show and want to hear more episodes.

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  1. Guys, do get used to pronouncing Jonas’ name right! Not like in John, it’s a ‘Yoh’ in the beginning… :)

  2. When are these going to be weekly or even bi-weekly?

    • Oliver is going to try to arrange another episode next Friday. If Drew doesn’t have a conflict with his Getting Blanked stuff and if I don’t have a conflict with my real job, we’ll hopefully be able to crank another pod out.

      • Cool.

        You guys shouldn’t feel too much pressure to line up a guest, either. Just ramble for 30 minutes about the Raptors every week with Joseph and there you go.

  3. Nice job guys. Keep em coming.

  4. Love the post guys, please keep it up – kinda like Mike W for Jays talk – Love it.

  5. I agree re: Drummond and Barnes, but i dont like Terrance Jones he has been inconsistent all season, would’ve liked to hear your guys thoughts on Bradley Beal though, could he play beside Derozan

    • After the draft lottery, I imagine we’ll do an episode devoted to potential Raptors draft picks. You can be sure Beal will be discussed wherever the Raptors are picking.

    • Jones has been inconsistent, but so has Darius Miller and MKG. The reason is because all 3 guys play the same position (small forward) so it’s hard to get enough touches for any of them. Combine that with the fact that Lamb, Davis and Teague need to get theirs. I think it’s easy to become a bit complacent playing on that Wildcats team. Jones would have been a top 5 pick last year and he hasn’t regressed since then.

      And there was another Wildcat whose effort was questioned a few years ago and that was Rajon Rondo. Guys with that kind of talent should not be a double digit draft pick.

      I like Beal but I don’t think he is as aggresive or has as much hustle as MKG who I think would be the best fit for Toronto at SF

      • to be fair, Tubby Smith was running an offence that did little to “showcase” him and clearly Rondo is / was a moody sob

  6. You guys are so off, have you ever spent time out of toronto, move out of parents basements see the world and come back and give an opinion with some contribution other then listening and learning from toronto media. Sheltered, thought Bloggers were suppose to be different then main stream media.

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