You guys asked for more frequent episodes of RaptorBlog Radio, and by God, we’re trying to deliver. This week, Scott and I are joined by Jerryd Bayless, who talks about his season, his potential future with the Raptors and the Raptors’ future in general. As usual, Drew Fairservice keeps us afloat with his hosting abilities and Oliver Macklem and Ryan Eligh hold it down and do all of the real work behind the glass.

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After the Bayless interview, we touch on the Ed Davis situation and debate “Davis vs. Amir” for what is likely the first of many occasions. Heck, we even touch on 10-day guys and Scott graces us with another one of his epic rants. So go ahead and click that play button, and if you like what you’re hearing, and want to hear more, share this podcast on twitter, facebook, and whatever other online communities you belong to.

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