You guys asked for more frequent episodes of RaptorBlog Radio, and by God, we’re trying to deliver. This week, Scott and I are joined by Jerryd Bayless, who talks about his season, his potential future with the Raptors and the Raptors’ future in general. As usual, Drew Fairservice keeps us afloat with his hosting abilities and Oliver Macklem and Ryan Eligh hold it down and do all of the real work behind the glass.

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After the Bayless interview, we touch on the Ed Davis situation and debate “Davis vs. Amir” for what is likely the first of many occasions. Heck, we even touch on 10-day guys and Scott graces us with another one of his epic rants. So go ahead and click that play button, and if you like what you’re hearing, and want to hear more, share this podcast on twitter, facebook, and whatever other online communities you belong to.

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  1. Another good podcast. Nice work.

    Nice to hear Bayless say he wants to be here. I hope the Raptors do keep him, I think he can be very valuable piece as the combo 6th next year for a fair price.

    Scott, do you think Ed’s perceived commitment/motivational issues just has to do with his role with the team? Do you think that would change if he was a full time starter from the beginning?

    • It’s impossible to know for sure what’s in Ed’s head. He certainly doesn’t speak glowingly of the city and the organization the way that Amir and Bayless do, so I think that’s revealing.

      If I was him, I’d feel like I should be given the opportunity to be the starting PF for the rest of the season. We already know what Amir can and can’t do, and Ed’s been playing his best ball of the season lately. Maybe he feels like he’s not getting a fair shake with this team.

  2. Scott do what player should the raptors look to draft, i wouldnt mind seeing damian lillard in a raptor jersey or maybe jeremy lamb

  3. I’m sorry, anyone who thinks Amir is even in the same league as Davis in terms of talent doesn’t know much about evaluating basketball players. Does Davis need to bring more consistent effort/intensity? Sure. Is he raw offensively? Sure. But he is on a different level as a prospect. Amir should be amnestied asap.

    • And I fully expect Colangelo to add another shit stain to his already filthy sheets, by trading away Davis (likely for $0.50, if that, on the $1) so he can accommodate the clown that is Bargnani.

    • Care to identify what significant skill advantage Davis currently has over Amir? Davis hasn’t progressed since his rookie season, so I don’t see any evidence that he has a lot more upside based on anything we’ve witnessed on the court. I remember when Raptors fans were raving about Charlie Villanueva’s All-Star potential after his rookie season. How did that turn out?

    • To use your own words, if you think Amir should be amnestied, then you don’t know much about evaluating players. Davis certainly has more potential than Amir, but Amir is one of the few Raptors that consistently has a positive impact when he’s on the floor. His contract is slightly below the average for the NBA, which is good considering he is 24, 6’10, athletic, works hard and scores efficiently.

      Amir is never going to be a star in the league, but he’s one of the few Raptors I’d have no trouble seeing as a rotation player on a contender. And you want to amnesty him? For what reason, exactly? And do you really think the Raptors would have trouble finding a trading partner for his services should they want to get rid of him?

  4. I agree Ed has more potential than Amir but it’s probably more practical to move Ed in terms of ease and return. It’s hard to get a read on the guy but it also strikes me that he may not be happy in TO for whatever reason.

    It’s pretty sad that a rebuilding, shitty team like the Raps couldn’t find a way to give this guy more of an opportunity to play. He was a practical double-double machine in his rookie year (when given the minutes) coming off no training camp and a late start. His per-36 numbers still bear that out this season. What’s holding him back are his body (he did get a bit bigger in the offseason) and his mess of a jumper, which may or may not get fixed. Of course he still needs more experience but the guy clearly has some good instincts. I’d say he already rebounds better than Amir and I always harp about his passing ability.

    This is a case where drafting the consensus BPA is questionable. Yeah, you have another “asset,” but how much value does it have when you haven’t been able to showcase it much? I guess we’ll see what the return is if he’s traded, but I would be surprised if we get back fair value for what he turns out to be.

  5. I don’t understand why you guys feel pressure to line up an interview with someone on or close to the team, it results in a whole lot of noise and nothing really being said but I guess having a “name” on the bill is good for the podcast.

    The part after the interview, however, was great. Great analysis of the Davis/Amir situation although that analogy about hitting on other women while being married at the restaurant doesn’t really fit with what Ed said. It would make more sense if you felt your marriage was on the rocks and you didn’t feel like there was a future with your current spouse.

    • I would think it goes without saying that more people will tune in if we’ve got an interview with a player, coach, expert or whatever, but that’s the deal. Plus, I actually enjoy conducting the interviews and asking questions that may not get asked elsewhere.

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