We’re usually pretty good in terms of keeping on top of Raptors news, both big and small, that finds its way onto the web. But this little tidbit appears to have slipped through the cracks after the Raptors’ 96-72 loss in Miami on Wednesday night.

After the game, Fox Sports Florida’s post-game report featured some interesting comments from Dwane Casey and Jamaal Magloire about Magloire’s status for next season. While some of us may have thought Magloire’s homecoming this season was just that, a one-year homecoming to retire a Raptor, it appears we may have been a little presumptuous.

Here are some of the quotes from the report:

Magloire, on the possibility of retiring after this season: “There’s no chance of that.” Later, “I have a lot of gas left in the tank.

On the surface, you could assume that just because Jamaal wants to continue playing, it doesn’t mean that someone is necessarily willing to sign him, or that the someone will necessarily be the Raptors. But the post-game report also contains some quotes from coach Casey on the matter:

Casey on bringing Magloire back next season: “That’s our plan. We haven’t really sat down and talked about it. We haven’t made an offer to him. But that’s my hope and my plan.

Casey went on to talk about how Magloire has helped him out personally through the some of this season’s struggles, and how Jamaal has helped set the tone defensively.

Obviously nothing is set in stone, the final decision should be up to Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors’ management team, and above all, Magloire may not have as much “left in the tank” as he believes.

But at the end of the day, I don’t think bringing him back on another minimum deal for a year would really hurt, especially considering that he would probably see limited minutes (if any) as the team’s third centre and fifth or sixth big.

The way I see it, with the job Dwane Casey has done here, he deserves a couple of rewards, and if he feels having Jamaal Magloire around will help him continue to change the culture in Toronto and set some sort of defensive tone, then just oblige him, and let’s get on with it. After all, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a character guy like Magloire in the dressing room in a season when two rookies are expected to be handed major roles, especially when one of them is a young centre.

The other thing to consider is that Magloire seems to have solid connections and good relationships with a lot of players around the NBA, and appears to be well respected, so perhaps his role as an ambassador to the city of Toronto can add some value in that respect, though that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

Unless the Raptors win the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, it’s looking like their rotation of bigs next season might be Andrea Bargnani, Jonas Valanciunas, one (or both?) of Amir Johnson or Ed Davis, perhaps Aaron Gray or another veteran centre, then Magloire.

Then again, it’s April 20th, there are still three games left in the current season, and if there’s one thing we know Bryan Colangelo is capable of, it’s a major off-season overhaul.

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  1. I’d like to see Magloire as the Raptors third center next season, behind Valanciunas and Gray. It’s pretty apparent that Alabi is a lost cause, and Magloire seems to be a good influence on the young players. I think his presence is good for the team, so why not?

  2. We’re not tanking anymore, no real reason to carry any Butler, Carter, Magloire types next season. I’d rather have someone who can contribute on the court.

  3. Magloire is a good locker room guy, and a guy that works hard. I’d have no problem with him back on the bench next year at his current salary.

    Problem is, if they keep him, who do they get rid of? My answer is Bargnani, but I’m sure Ed Davis would be the most likely candidate, unfortunately.

    • Most teams carry three centers. This season, the Raptors had three centers and three PFs. After how little he played this year, and with Valanciunas coming next year, I really don’t see the point of keeping Alabi, so Magloire would just replace him. He’d be a good emergency center in case either Valanciunas or Gray (if he’s hopefully re-signed) goes down. And he’d be a good guy to take Valanciunas under his wing.

      • Like I said, I’d have no problem keeping Magloire for the type of player he is.

        As for who to get rid of, Davis would likely bring back the most value if traded. And since he’ll likely see the least amount of minutes behind Bargnani, Johnson, Gray, Valanciunas, he seems the most realistic option to get rid of. Especially if they could trade him to move up in the draft, I think they’d do it.

        I don’t agree with the logic at all, but as for off season plans, my money’s on Davis being the odd man out.

  4. I agree with your ‘as a reward for Casey’ comment. He is uber cheap, more useful than Solo, and a help on the bench, if not the floor at times.

    I would pick Gray to keep if it comes down to a choice of the two, but with Val coming in, I’m sure Gray sees his minutes falling and will look elsewhere. I’ll be sad to see Aaron go. But if Val is ‘as good’ in his rookie season, I won’t miss him at all.

    However, if this was truly the plan all along, why hasn’t Magloire been getting more minutes in these last dozen games? He had better be starting the remainder of them (and remembering to aide the tank as well).

    All of the remaining games are MUST LOSE GAMES. Doubly so for New Jersey and Detroit.

    If the Raptors blow either of those, and win, they must have decided that Marshall is the player they want to be picking in the 11th spot.

  5. Side note. Would you rather spend extra millions to land Dragic or spend the same extra millions to move from 10th or 11th pick, up to 2nd or 3rd pick?

    The way I see it, we’d probably have to offer Dragic $2 mil per year more than other teams are offering to get him to come here. Over 4 years, this is $8 million.

    In order to move up in the draft, we probably have to take on Rashard Lewis and his goofy $24.8 million contract and give them Jose (also expiring) and Amir (fairly paid – excellent worker) and our 10-11 pick. This leaves roughly $8 mil in salary that the raps would have to swallow, plus the difference in the salaries of 2nd and 10th picks (2 more mil?).

    So, Dragic and Bayless signed for 4 would have us set at PG for the foreseeable future. And maybe you’d be adding Perry Jones? with the 10th pick or Sullinger (who I see falling). Problem is, around 10-11, the point guards start becoming the bpa players.

    Alternatively, picking MKG or Beal would give us excellent wing options to complement DeRozan and JJ. Val and Bargs are locks at their positions. Next season, playoffs, and looking to move Jose at the trading deadline if Bayless is carrying the team (as I’d expect he would be doing).

    Perhaps the best option is just to TANK THE REMAINING GAMES and hope to be picking 5th or 6th.

  6. I’d rather have Gray be the back-up center and have JM as the “Big Man Coach”.

    Can we sign him as an IR player and have him coach until needed?

  7. I might be in the minority, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how Magloire has played and would be giving him Gray’s minutes if winning was the main goal of this season. He plays hard, he bangs people, he sets the defense, and he doesn’t try to do more than he should. There’s been a few games where he has come in and totally changed the dynamic and flow to the Raptors favor.

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