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Super pod-pod, super pod-pod! No guest for this show (not that we didn’t try) but our end-of-season wrap-up is jam-packed with stimulating conversation about the Raptors’ performance this season, their positional strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of changes Drew Fairservice, Joseph Casciaro, Oliver Macklem and I would like to see before next season. I close out the show with an epic, Baldwin-esque rant that should fire you up and split your sides. Spend 50 of your Earth minutes ingesting entertaining Raptors talk into your earballs through the player below, or with this handy link to the mp3.

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast. Looking forward to future ones going into the draft.

    Also, I’d be interested in seeing you and Joseph do a Bargnani debate. I could be wrong, but it seems Scott is in favour of trading him, and Joseph is in favour of keeping him, I think?

    Anyways, if I’m right, it would be interesting to see both sides to a debate like that.

    • I’m much more in favor of trading Calderon than trading Bargnani, mostly because it would remove the primary impediment to Bayless starting. Having said that, I don’t consider any Raptor to be untouchable if the right offer is on the table.

  2. Rasual Butler isn’t on the roster.

    What a cop out!

  3. Please trade DeRosen.

  4. @Mike

    Please learn how to spell DeRozan!

  5. Is there an RSS feed foor the podcast?

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