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Is Bryan Colangelo gearing up for a franchise altering off-season?

Earlier today I caught up on some of the Raptors-related news and notes worth talking about over the last week. Now we can all begin looking ahead to the off-season, and what an off-season it might be in Toronto.

I mentioned in the aforementioned post that Bryan Colangelo sounds to be all but done with this rebuilding process. That was pretty much confirmed to us when Colangelo mentioned in his year end news conference that the short term pain was over.

With money to spend, young assets and the right coach in tow, only one guaranteed season left on his own contract and after two seasons of rebuilding, you would have to assume that any general manager or basketball executive would be “raring to go,” as Colangelo put it last Friday.

Colangelo is not just any general manager though, and we’ve all seen what he can do and is willing to do over the course of one summer when he sees the chance to vastly improve his team. This off-season should be no different.

Perhaps the greatest sign comes from a letter, addressed to season seat holders by Colangelo, in which he thanks seat holders and welcomes them to follow along forĀ  “what should be an exciting and active offseason.”

An average off-season to Bryan Colangelo is an active off-season to the average general manager. An “exciting and active” off-season to Colangelo, when you look at some of the off-seasons he’s had here in Toronto, leaves a lot to the imagination of Raptors fans.

This is a team that not only has a large amount of cap space to be used in the summer, but also has as much cap flexibility as any team between now and July 1, and based on Colangelo’s comments, you can probably bet he’ll be trying to utilize that space sooner, rather than later.

Colangelo’s not the kind of guy who creates expectations that he doesn’t believe he can ultimately live up to, so the fact he’s putting himself out there and going on the record as saying he’ll be active this off-season, and the fact that he mentioned last week that playoffs will be the goal next season should tell you all you need to know about how grand his plans are between now and the beginning of 2012-2013.

I’m not saying to expect blockbuster after blockbuster, and I understand the risk in a GM making moves just for the sake of making moves, but B.C. sounds more excited to get to work than he has since his first off-season here, when he transformed the Raptors from a 27-win team into a 47-win team.

With the chance to finally do something significant again, we might be in for one hell of a summer.